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Vaterra Slickrock 1/18-scale RTR Rock Crawler

vaterra slickrock on rocks

I usually don’t get too excited about minis, but Vaterra’s latest off-road release looks pretty cool. The Slickrock is 1/18-scale and, like other Vaterra releases, is RTR and waterproof. It features similar electronics as the other Vaterra models, so it’s a mix of Spektrum and Dynamite components. The motor is a 380-sized Dynamite Tazer and the radio is a Spektrum DX2E 2.4 GHz model. The battery is a simple NiMh unit and a charger is included.

vaterra slickrock chassis

Vaterra points out that the lockers (both axles and transmission) are metal units and built for abuse. Metal lockers should be able to take a whole lot of abuse from a 380 motor.

vaterra slickrock tire

The wheelbase is 8.5 inches and the overall length is said to be 12 inches. The final drive ratio is 86:1. The tires are licensed Interco TSL SX Super Swampers and are on 1.9 diameter wheels.

vaterra slickrock servo vaterra slickrock steering slickrock electronics


vaterra slickrock underside suspension

The star of the show is the caged body with removable panels. An optional LED kit for the light bar will be available.

The expected price is $250.

vaterra slickrock in mountains


Learn more here.

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  1. Sounds like an updated losi mrc? I’ll keep my eye on this one, my 80’s gi joes may have a new ride in the near future!

  2. I know the mini crawlers group of guys are as small as the scale they represent, but this one could expand the numbers of mini crawlers enthusiasts. Im excited to see Vaterra’s SlickRock. Full size 1.9’s and 10th scale servo, pretty sweet setup.

    1. I am not at all into minis, but I’m not sure how small the mini crowd is. I just think we never see them. There is a reason so many manufacturers offer minis. Horizon has a pretty good handle on what sells overall–they move almost all brands online and distribute the same brands to many hobby stores. I have to think they wouldn’t bother with a mini unless they see a lot of minis moving out of the warehouse. All of that said, I still think 1/10 scale as the standard. Go fast minis all just chatter and handle erratically/twitchy, but a mini crawler has been on my wish list as my son and I could build a scale obstacle course pretty easily.

  3. At nearly 59 I have JUST got into RC – and crawling is what grabs me. Have a new 1/8 HSP crawler and an Axial SCX 10 Honcho. Bought a 2nd hand Losi Mini which seller claimed to be “Pro”. Had a few upgrades but I had to virtually rebuild it with some new parts to get it working right. Found it disappointing (very poor traction) until I weighted the wheels. What a transformation. As noted by others, it needs less rough terrain to make it fun. I really enjoy mine now BUT, DAMN, that Vaterra Slickrock is sweet. I am awaiting my Vaterra Glamis Uno right now – then I will start scheming for the Slickrock. I am new to crawling but (my Losi Mini and my Honcho prove) the best mod by far one can make to a crawler is to weight the wheels. I did my Honcho too and nothing can describe how that climbs – it even out climbs my stock 1/8 HSP. Guess what my next project is ?

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