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ST Racing Concepts Aluminum Upgrades for Axial SCX10 Jeep Installation & Review


I have had my Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler for a while now, and I wanted to show it some love with some upgrades. With so much to choose from and because I always look for quality and a bargain, I decided to go and check out the guys at  ST Racing Concepts (STRC). I personally have used their products in other builds, and while every one has their own personally preferences, I  have found STRC to be well machined and, quite frankly, nice to look at. Best of all, I can afford them. Here is a look at the current ST Racing Concepts aluminum gear designed for the Axial SCX10 Jeep.



sta80012s alum hub carr scx10 frt (2)
CNC Machined Aluminum Front Hub Carriers


sta80004s alum knuckles scx10 (2)
CNC Machined Aluminum Steering Knuckles

sta30518s alum frt-re lower links scx10 (2)
CNC Machined Aluminum Front and Rear Lower Suspension Links


sta80043us alum frt-re upp link kit scx10 (2)
CNC Machined Aluminum Front and Rear Upper Suspension Links


sta30516s alum steering kit frt scx10 (2)
Aluminum Front Steering Links Upgrade Kit


sta30494s alum axle lock out scx10 rear (2)
Aluminum Rear Lock-outs and Stainless Steel Driveshafts


ST Racing Concepts prides themselves in clean and precise quality work. The fit and finish of these parts were all flawless and they were easy to assemble. That is, once I was able to figure out some simple points–things went great from there. I should point out that, at this time, there are no instructions supplied with these upgrades. Hopefully, once you follow this review, your parts will go together easy too. Any helpful tips are always good, right? For the most part, STRC aluminum parts install in the exact same manner as the stock parts they are replacing.

axial parts needed

Before you get started, you will need to get a few extra items to bolt the STRC parts on your truck. Specifically, you will need some Axial plastic parts. These are common parts for most Axial vehicles, so chances are you may have them in your spare parts already. If not, these parts are great spares to have. You will need two AX80005 and two AX0018 parts trees. I had the bare parts trees (see photo) in my collection of spare factory supplied parts from my Axial Ridgecrest and Poison Spider Jeep Wraith. The Wrangler SCX10 parts bag did not contain any of these spare parts trees. At least my box didn’t, so just check what you have in your spare parts.

Now that you have everything, let’s move onto some quick and easy assembly tips to make this add on to your rig enjoyable.

pre install threaded ends

First, get the threaded ends from the STRC parts hardware bags and thread them into the Axial ball ends using a hex driver.
The hardware in the ST Racing Concepts parts are nice because these threaded ends have a small 1.5 mm hex at one end that is plenty deep for proper wrench seating. Getting this all of these parts threaded together first is going to speed things up.

rear lock out shafts

When you buy the rear axle lock outs, one version of the lock out kit has new rear shafts in them (top shaft in photo). These shafts are beefier and stronger than stock and made from stainless steel that won’t rust. Just one more thing to help bullet proof and strengthen your rear end drivetrain. I suggest this version of the rear lock out kit.

knuckles hardware

The only hiccup that I ran into during this assembly was a small issue with hardware. Seen here in the above photo, I have the stock parts and hardware on the left and the upgraded parts on the right. Simple right? See anything else?  One essential item this kit doesn’t supply in the short 3 mm screws to put the parts together. The stock hardware is a course thread and made to go into plastic. No big deal, but you can’t use the course threaded hardware screws to assemble the new aluminum parts. You will need to find some of these in your screw bin. You will also need to make sure you transfer all four metal flange pipe type spindle spacers over. When transferring the bearings over use equal force around the race of the bearing. Its and tight fit and finish. Using some bearing lube or WD40 will make it a little easier. Make sure the bearings are fully seated. Press them in evenly and you won’t have any issues. STRC makes its knuckles with the proper tolerances to hold the bearings. Loose tolerances may make the bearings drop right in, but provide poor performance and would lead to premature parts failure.

alternate ends inserts

With all the link ends assembled, make note to insert the ball inserts opposite of each other. They have a small flange at one end of them. You’ll notice the stock links you take off have the same orientation.

link ball ends install direction

Similar to what what was discussed before above, the upper links need the same attention to detail for assembly. Flange out on these guys. Just mimic the stock parts.

front upper & lower links

This photo shows the entire front suspension links. Lower links are on the left, upper on the right. What I want to point out here is the front upper link. The aluminum collar spacer does not have a smooth inner bore. It’s fully threaded and will need to be threaded onto the long 3 mm hex screw supplied in the kit first. The rear upper and lower links are the same as the front lowers.


stracingjeep1 stracingjeep5 stracingjeep4

stracingjeep3 stracingjeep2stracingjeep6

The whole upgrade procedure was great and I enjoy the final product because, while it does look great, it will make this SCX10 more durable on the rocks and trails. The suspension links are light weight but sturdy. The front steering knuckles and hub carriers together reduced the slop in the front wheels and made for better straight line driving. The hardware blunders are only a minor setback and if you have extra hardware in your parts bin its not the end of the world. Worst case, it’s a good excuse to take a trip to the hobby story to pick up some screws. For some reason, and I’m not sure why, STRC supplies 3 mm ball studs with the knuckles. I didn’t use them and you won’t either. I’m sure there could be a use for them in a different configuration. As mentioned, the steering slop itself was also greatly reduced from worn stock setup and more responsive while driving. The more durable aluminum rear axle lock outs and stainless steel drive shafts will make me less leery when the back end of the SCX1o lands on hard climbs.

Overall, there is still more to be explored for SCX10 and what ST Racing Concepts have to offer for this model lineup. I went with silver on this build for the natural aluminum finish, but these upgrades are available in other colors. ST Racing Concepts are always getting new stuff for this and other platforms.

Update: Nov/14/13 – I was able to reach the nice folks at STRC in regards to the hardware blunder for the front knuckles and hub carriers. They have annouced that updated and correct hardware for full proper install on the scx10 setup will be included in future kits. So when you install yours, just double chech to see what hardware is included.

 jeep stance 2               jeep stance 1

ST Racing Concepts
Axial Racing


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  1. Thats a great build Chris, I really like the silver aluminum. ive had anodized stuff but it looks like junk once you use it. At least natural blends in with wear and tear. I have a dingo…. I think ill look at the STRC stuff. love the build tips in this assembly review. Great work. Are you going to be adding more hop ups to your jeep? ?

  2. Thanks Dennis. Glad you enjoyed it. I agree about the anodized aluminum. But it depends on where the components are located. If its links, yeah they’ll get banged up for sure. Depends on if that bothers you 🙂 other protected areas of the rig fare better. I know STRC has a variety of upgrades for Axial and I know there are similar parts between the dingo and jeep. They are both SCX10 based. Check out STRC website and look around. you’ll find all of my build option parts plus different colors 😉 Yes, I do plan on adding more to this build. Our RC Truck Stop readers and my Twitter followers will be the first to know.
    Thanks for checking it out !

  3. Christopher, those alum upgrade looks awesome on the scx10. i’m excited to see what else you do with yours. i visited strc website and want to order the entire scx10 chassis upgrades but can’t find a full kit for it online. im guessing you have to buy each piece separately???

  4. Yes Ben at this time to the best of my knowledge all of STRC racing products are sold individually and they don’t offer it as a complete kit…. yet. You never know. That is a fare question and ill run it by the guys at STRC and see how they feel about having a complete alum upgrade kit available. I think the way they have it now is so you can pick and choose what parts you want, what color, because one might want different things in different colors. Thanks for your input Ben.

  5. STRC makes a fine set of products, and i still have a pretty well-worn set of rear lockouts on my scx10.
    However, the stainless-steel rear axles can be problematic. They wont rust, but they will bend. Pretty easily, actually.
    I had mine bend up on me after a pretty standard roll down a hill, fixing it wasn’t a problem, used to just grab the wheel and bend it back. But needless to say this did affect performance. 🙂

    Not to put STRC in a bad light, I just think using Stainless Steel is just a bad idea all the way around, and they stock axles are stronger than you think.

  6. That’s interesting Chris, ill keep a eye on mine. No problems thus far with mine. As Matt said, thank you for that feedback and input. We like it when our readers get involved and share there experience with products. Good and bad.

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