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RC4WD Blade Snow Plow

rc4wd snow plow kit

Many RCers have a fascination with having a scale snow plow. I know I’m guilty because I built my own (You can see it here). Many others have as well. RC4WD has a new plow setup that pretty much puts all the homespun creations to shame. Yup, finally, scalers wanting a fun way to deal with snow have a top notch, professional looking setup. The Blade Snow Plow is CNC Machined and features a custom rounded blade. The unit can be bolted to custom applications, but RC4WD has direct bolt-on mounts for its Trail Finder 2 chassis and Axial’s SCX10 chassis. A servo is included, but is needed to operate blade up and down movement. Two 70 mm shocks control hits from uneven pavement. The blade is 9.05 in. (230 mm) wide and 2.79 in. (71 mm) tall. The main snow plow assembly is $79.99.

rc4wd plow 2

rc4wd plow 3 rc4wd snow plow rc4wd snow plow 4

Learn more here.

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    1. I know it can be remotely raised and lowered, but don’t know if it can be angled manually. It doesn’t appear to be able to be angled. When I built mine, I used tie rods so that I could adjust the angle.

        1. Sorry Joe, but the scale “4/14” doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Unless this is an honest typo. Hobby grade RC usually comes in 1/18, 1/16, 1/14, 1/12, 1/10, 1/8, 1/5. To the best of the knowledge Tamiya and a couple others make RC semi’s in the 1/14 scale. Any other scale size would typically be a custom build.

  1. How much is the snow plough including shipping to the UK and can you inform me on any other cars, trucks and accessories

    1. Hi, Karl. We don’t sell any products. We report and review products and to a lot of tech articles too. At the top of the screen click on News and also Reviews. As for shipping to the UK for the RC4WD plow, click on the Learn more here link. Good luck and thank you for visiting RC Truck Stop

  2. Where can I get one already built and ready to use? I don’t know how to build RC trucks just want to unbox and go?

  3. I found the RC Jeep and a website for upgrades for it but where can I find the plow I look for it everywhere this page says $79.99 but where I wanna buy everything for this jeep ASAP for this snow coming anyone that can help email me at ripper_2461@yahoo.com or call 570-688-3242 thanx I have no hobby shops near me so it would be a great help

  4. I can’t found a plow. I have search everywhere also on rc4wd.so what to do. and if I bought the plow should I change my remote controller?

  5. i want one for my truck its is 1:5 scale maxstone 5 4wd
    can make if yes tell me yes an no the tell me no and if yes then tell me the cost an the length of it

    thanku plzzz let me know mr. Matt Higgins

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