RC4WD Mud Basher 1.9″ Scale Tractor Tire

rc4wd mud tire

We have a major itch to build a mud truck–specifically a Mega Truck style machine. The biggest obstacle is sources tires. There are options, but they are less than ideal. Well, RC4WD has a 1.9″ tire patterned after a tractor tire or “rice and cane” tire that will make building a mudder easy. The Mud Basher tires are molded in RC4WD’s X4 Medium compound and measure 4.48″ tall and a narrow 1.25″ wide. They include stiff foam inserts and are $24.99 for a pair. Our fingers are crossed for a 2.2 version being on the way.

rc4wd rc mud tire 2

Learn more here.

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  1. I was so excited to see this tire, then really bummed it was only 1.9. Pretty tall for a 1.9 but not tall enough for my ‘Heavy Metal’ build! Great website guys! Love the videos on youtube too! Are you on instagram? Keep it up!

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