STRC Wraith Chassis Mounted Servo

strc wraith off axle servo kit

STRC has a cool new steering setup for the Wraith that moves the steering servo from the axle to the chassis. The CNC Machined Aluminum Off-Axl Servo Mount creates a much more realistic look.

The STRC setup positions the steering servo on the front portion of the Wraith roll cage  and a panhard bar design that STRC states ensures proper suspension geometry with virtually zero bump steer. STRC system includes everything in one package. The panhard link and angled steering links are solid 7 mm thick aluminum rod. All components are CNC-machined of out of aluminum and STRC has a solid reputation for making strong, high quality parts. The kit comes in silver, black, gunmetal and green and costs $39.99.

strc wraith chassis mounted servo kit

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