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RC4WD Warn 9.5cti Winch

rc4wd warn winch

Warn is a pretty famous name in full-size off-road. One of the most famous actually, so it’s pretty cool that RC4WD has partnered with Warn to release a fully licensed scale operational winch.


It’s modeled after the 9.5cti and features a cast aluminum case and stamped steel components. We really like the working spring-loaded Warn hook and synthetic winch rope. It comes decorated with Warn winches, so no more digging through your sticker remnants trying to find a Warn decal to make your winch look legit. The best feature, however, may be that it can handle up to 3-cell LiPo. RC4WD says official pull specs will be released soon but that we should expect it to be similar to its Bulldog winch. RC4WD also let us know (we had to ask) that it does not have a functional free spool–the lever is just for scale realism.

Z-S1092_Wireless_Controller Z-S1089_Wired_Controller

The RC4WD Warm 9.5cti winch is 2.9 in (73.7 mm) wide and 1.31 in. (33.6 mm) deep. The winch is only $34.99 and you can by a wired control unit ($29.99) to operate the winch from your transmitter’s auxiilary channel or you can buy the handheld control unit ($45.99). Those are available separately.

Learn more here.

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