STRC Axial SCX10 and Wraith Universal Axle Shafts

 Wraith Universals SCX10 UniversalsSTA30464GM

These got our attention. The folks at STRC have been hard at work and have now released new front universals for the Axial SCX10 and Axial Wraith AR60 axles. These can be installed in the rear axles too for you 4WS guys. The axles shafts themselves are heat treated carbon steel and black in color, but the aluminum pin retention bands come anodized and are offered in a variety of colors.

These new universals certainly look great look and STRC has built a pretty strong reputation of quality for itself, so we’re looking for to testing these on a bunch of rigs.

Learn more here.


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  1. Right on, is it just me… or is STRC stuff getting better over the years. Ive had some of the early stuff they had, and its nice to see the broad range of parts for different vehicles. The latest Axial and Traxxas stuff sure looks sweet. The different colors are a nice touch.

    1. STRC is really trying to expand and offer what people really want. I’ve always thought their aluminum was good quality while other comparibly priced parts from some companies have a reputation of easily bending or breaking

  2. Yes Jason, STRC is a great value for the money and the quality is great for the price. its much easier on the wallet, and more enjoyable to upgrade your rig to what you want it to look like and perform. Having both of these two things isn’t always possible with some aftermarket manufactures. Sure it looks good, but is it strong under reasonable wear and tear. I have found STRC stuff to hold up well under normal wear and tear and still look good.

  3. I broke two sets on my crawler one right after another in a night of crawling. I put the stock axial shafts in more of a bind with no breakage than what these ones took.

  4. I broke an strc cvd in ten minutes on my honcho. The inner shaft broke at the ball that goes into the cup.

    1. Sorry to hear that, Michael. Thanks for sharing your feedback. I’m currently reviewing the same part on my SCX10. I’ll report how mine hold up. Have you contacted STRC?

    2. I’m currently testing the front universal set for the Wraith. So far, in the past few runs, they have been good. I should also add (off the record) that I have also pulled a two-year-old kid in a wagon on these shafts and they haven’t skipped a beat. What are you running as a power plant, Michael?

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