STRC Axial SCX10 Short Wheel Base Chassis Conversion

strc short wheelbase chassis swb

This is one of those releases that instantly gets the gears in your head turning. STRC has covered a large portion the Axial SCX10 with great aluminum upgrades. Now, they will be  releasing a new short wheel base (SWB) chassis for the Axial SCX10 chassis. The chassis will allow you to properly fit short wheelbase bodies, such as the Tamiya Jeep Wrangler body. Even the Mitsubishi Pajero and Blackfoot bodies will fit.
The idea of having a customized short wheel base SCX1o isn’t new, but having it offered in a kit with a proper chassis and ready to assemble sure is.

The SWB chassis comes in black, silver, gun metal, red and green. You saw it here first, at RC Truck Stop.

STA30502SBK STA30502SGSTA30502SR



Exclusive early prototype release photos:

PhotoGrid_1388466395239-1 PhotoGrid_1388466183542-1


Learn more here.

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  1. I agree Eric, it will fit nicely under the Unimog and a handful of other famous highly detailed SWB Tamiya shells and other lexan options. In fact, because you took the time to look this article over and seem pretty pumped about a Unimog project, and because your probably not alone…. here, your going to want to check this short link out. I took the time and dug a little deeper in my emails from STRC and found this -> http://rctruckstop.com/?p=8120 Enjoy Eric, and thanks!

  2. Hi Chris, before my question, I would like to say I’m a fan of this website. I look forward for new stories daily.

    Now my question. When will this be released?

    What is the target price?

  3. Thank you very much, Hadi soedarsono, for your fan support. Matt and I value our readers and always love hearing from them. As far as this SWB chassis goes, we are in the middle of getting this info and ironing out further details. When we find out more, we’ll let you folks know. Right Here! 🙂

  4. SWB Chassis – RELEASE INFO UPDATE: MSRP-$69.99 and release date estimate
    Mid January. Get your wrenching hats on, this ready SWB chassis is going to help out you SCX10 guys who want a shorter wheel base rig, but without the mess.

  5. Thanks Chris. I hope you will be doing a review on this too. I will definitely buy a set or two. So far the other SWB chassis conversion requires more DIY than I would like to. Unfortunately not all of us are well equipped or has the time for DIY.

  6. Ill say the same thing I have else where: I simply see no use for these.

    The stock scx10 frame rails are shaped like real full size rails, that c-channel shape. I always thought the chassis was one of its coolest and most scale features, and for a long time it was the only truck with them (I think the recently released sawback has similar rails). These new flat rails feel like a step backwards in realism. And I don’t like their finish either, maybe the black would look ok, but it might too shiny for my tastes, and the other colors stand out to much, look too ‘bling’. In all but the craziest lifted mall crawler rigs, the frame doesn’t stand out, and isn’t polished, from what I’ve seem at least.

    Also folks have been mounting shorter bodies on scx10 since the day they came out, it’s rather easy. Shorten links, shorten chassis rails and drill new holes if necessary, and shorten drive shafts if necessary. Usually you don’t even need new parts. What do these offer that hasn’t been done before?

    What I would love to see is LONGER frame rails. I have a truck built around the hpi 79 ford pickup body, which is a rather long body. So after some though and research, I decided that I wanted the rails to reach the length of the body, for scale reasons and incase I decide to mount some RC4WD bumpers. I bought another set of rails, but since didn’t want to bolt together 2 pieces on either side w some sort of brace, so I took them to a nearby machine shop and had them welded end to end.

    I assume all but the most novice, n00bish rc hobbyists have a dremel and a power drill, and capable of taking careful measurements. (especially in the crawler world, where custom fabrication is the accepted norm) But welding/metal working skills and equipment is ill bit different, the equipment isn’t cheap and there seems to be a lot to know. I wish I knew someone I could learn off of, so I could start building my own tube chassis and cages, but this hobby already takes up enough time and cash already!

    I don’t know, I just feel that since it is far easier to shorten materials than lengthen them, there is more of a need and market for longer rails, not shorter ones. And yes, I realize I made assumptions and gave my opinions…..which ones are wrong? Haha

    1. None of your opinions are wrong, just an option and point of view. Thats cool. I expect that not everyone is crazy for a swb rig and as I mentioned swb SCX10 isn’t new and yes has been done. No one will argue with your logic about a dremel, cut stock frames and drilling new holes. The STRC is just a really nice clean option for those that dont like the mess and easy bolt together fashion. The chassis kit is complete with everything you need. Again, just another option for folks, just maybe not everyone.

      1. Yea, I didn’t to imply they SHOULDNT exist, more option are great, just that I see a bigger market for extended rails.

        1. I think a LWB chassis would be cool too Jon, it all depends on what the application is right? I agree longer wheel base lexan bodies and larger 2.2 tires are a fun rig to drive. I did something similar a few years ago myself with a modified TLT-1 and a custom stretched frame to accommodate a 1/4th scale hard plastic Toyota toy truck body. http://rcmodz.webs.com/tamiyatundra.htm It was fun to drive, but wasn’t practical in all areas. To each there own.

    1. As im sure your aware Jon there is tons, and I mean tons of aftermarket companies and products. We simply can’t cover them all. However, if you ever want us to look into a product or suggestion then we are more than happy to hear from our readers. Just send us an email and let us know whats on your mind. The Dinky RC brand does indeed have some cool and yes higher priced products. Not everything and brands will get past our desk, but that doesn’t mean there not worth a look. Thanks for the link Jon.

  7. Wow you are a very patient person Chris LOL! While I do agree that I’ll miss the c-channel, after 5 minutes its so caked in mud nobody could tell what chassis was underneath. I think I’ll order both the red and the green simply because I cannot make up my mind and the SCRT site says those 2 colors are “limited” can’t wait! Also does anybody know whether the SCRT green matches the Integy green? My LHS only stocks blue parts

  8. Thanks Emery, yes I agree the color choice can be tricky. .. not sure which one I want to review. … I think any color can work. That said, having limited colors may make the decision easier 😉 I cant say for sure but from what ive seen STRC green is a little lighter than some integy parts ive seen in the past. It can be hard to match the same anodized colors in the same brand some times depending on the quality. Shuffling between brands, it comes with the territory that some shade and color depths you may need to develop a compromise. Hope this helps, and thanks for reading!

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