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Tamiya Toyota FJ Cruiser CC-01


The CC-01 platform has been an extremely popular platform for Tamiya and we’ve been lucky enough to see some very cool bodies offered with this chassis. The latest is the Toyota FJ Cruiser–an instant hit with the off-road community. First launched in 2006, the FJ Cruiser was originally marketed in North America, but was eventually also sold in Japan starting in 2010.



The CC-01 chassis features a full-time 4WD system and front independent front double wishbone suspension. The rear features a solid axle and a 4-link suspension. equipped with four CVA fluid-filled dampers. The rear differential can be locked with an included insert. The highly detailed FJ Cruiser body is made of durable Lexan. Also included are recreate side mirrors, grille, light cases and spare tire cover. The light cases are designed to accept Tamiya LED light bulbs and units.

Just as exciting as the new body are these new hop-ups Tamiya also announced for the CC-01 platform:

54519 RC Stroke Extension Link

This option part is designed for improved suspension performance on rough terrain. It is fitted to the top damper attachment point to provide a much longer stroke from the damper. Included are two aluminum pivot link mount and two aluminum pivot links, two ball bearings, two 5 mm ball connector and required mounting hardware.

shock parts cc01
54541 RC CC01 Aluminum Oil Damper

These four shocks are anodized aluminum and, like all Tamiya shocks, super smooth. The bodies are also threaded for easy adjustment. All needed parts are included.

Learn more here.

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  1. I’m so glad Tamiya released this kit. I want an FJ body and the only way to get one was to buy a body from a discontinued toy grade RC. These toy grade hard bodies are becoming rare so they are selling for insane prices – $100+.

    Now I just wish Tamiya would update the CC-01 chassis and make it more suitable for offroad use. They could start by getting rid of the brick. CC-02 perhaps?

  2. Yes, having the FJ body as a hobby grade option will be nice for a lot of the Toyota fanatics out there.

    The CC-01 has been a proven chassis over the years, sure there isn’t much to it but Its not really designed for hardcore off road, however others have done a good job at beefing them up from stock to to what they want it to do. The scale guys really like the cc-01 because of the realism of the suspension and all around chassis layout. I like the CC-01 and Im excited to see this latest version. The new Tamiya upgrades seem logical and pretty slick too.

  3. Really cool, always liked Tamiya. I have me a clod back home, and an old grasshopper kicking around the mom and dads place. I would like to ship them back here to America, but postage is expensive. Like to start off fresh, this looks like a fun build. Chris, you getting one to test drive? I know the cc01 is popular back home, but how well do they sell here in America?? Good parts support?

  4. We are currently looking into getting a CC-01 FJ, as far as sales in America it really depends on the demand itself at the local hobby store level. Here is Canada they sell ok and Tamiya usually has pretty good parts support in North America. Not as well as over seas, but given where Tamiya is, it’s no surprise it’s bigger over there. Again, its supply and demand on a local geographical level. Either way odds are if you want one, got to you local hobby store and see what they can do for you. This version of the FJ CC-01 is going to be available soon. Id put your order in for one if you want to get your hands on one. Hope this helps.

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