RPM ESC Cage For Traxxas VXL

rpm esc mount 2

There is some saying about necessity being the mother of invention. You’ve probably heard it. Anyway, there’s a reason why these sayings come to be. RPM became aware via  customer named Ryan K. that Traxxas’ VXL-3S speed control was prone to breaking where it mounts to the chassis. The fix is their new two-piece cage that surrounds the speed control. It’s a simple, but clearly effective design. It also costs less than $10 and is available in blue and black.

Because it’s a specific fit, the cage only works with the Traxxas VXL-3S speed control. It is a direct fit for the Traxxas  Stampede 4X4, Slash 4X4, Slash 2WD and Rally. It will also fit the Traxxas Rustler, 2WD Stampede and Bandit as long as Traxxas #3725 Mounting plate (stock item on VXL models) is used.

rpm esc mount 1

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  1. Nice! I like how it sits on a flat plate, you can easily mount it in another kit without too much hassle. Like my Exo-Terra!

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