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LaTrax Teton 1/18 by Traxxas

traxxas latrax teton action

If you haven’t heard, LaTrax is an offshoot of Traxxas and is designed to provide affordable, easy access to hobby-grade RC. The first release was a 1/18-rally car that RC Truck Stop broke the story on. It was clear that if you were already in the hobby, the LaTrax Rally wasn’t for you–and it wasn’t intended to be. We did dig that the LaTrax vehicle had legitimate hobby-grade features such as fluid-filled shocks, waterproof electronics and 2.4 GHz radio system. When LaTrax released the Alias quad-rotor heli, more eyebrows were raised. If you were a car guy considering a heli to play with, all of a sudden LaTrax was on your radar. As such, we have a review coming up of this little aerobatic machine. Now, the Teton has been unveiled and LaTrax has really got our attention. We’re suckers for trucks.

traxxas latrax teton green

It looks like a mini version of the still-new Traxxas Telluride 4X4 with more monster truck proportioned tires, so maybe it’s more of a mini Traxxas Summit. The drivetrain and suspension layout are pretty similar too. It’s got front and rear diffs and is all shaft driven. The center driveshaft is steel and the diff gears are listed to be made out of hardened steel. Unlike the Rally, the Teton comes with ball bearings (ungradable on the Rally).

traxas latrax teton chassis

traxxas latrax teton shock traxxas Latrax Transmitter 24GHz traxxas Latrax 24GHz receiver

The electronics include a lifetime warranty and are waterproof. The motor is a 370 and a simple 6-cell 1200 mAh NiMH battery is included (the Rally included a 5-cell pack). The included speed is LiPo ready with low voltage detection. The speed control also features Traxxas three modes or profiles–sport, race (no reverse) and Training Mode (50% power).

traxxas latrax teton Box-Contents

The Teton features Traxxas’ trademark ProGraphix paintscheme with red, blue, orange or green accent colors and should be available soon. You can expect to pay around $150. What’s our take on the Teton? Well, for me, I’m interested in it as a vehicle I can bash around the backyard (no real performance expectations) and let a lot of people take the wheel before letting them try a higher performance RC. I’ve never hidden the fact that I think all minis are kind of toyish, but this one does actually interest me. I like the looks and it is genuiningly hobby grade. I’m glad it has ball bearings and I’m impressed that it’s equipped with 2.4 GHz (I guess I’m still getting used to that being the norm). I also like that it’s waterproof. I know Traxxas is all about the waterproof, but it’s pretty impressive on a $150 rig.

traxxas latrax Teton driveline

traxxas latrax teton in hand

Learn more here.

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    1. Click here to go directly to Teton’s product page. Traxxas is reporting that the truck will be available on February 12. There is a dealer locator link on the product page. I’m not sure how well the locator works (it didn’t show all the shops in my area), but it’s a good place to start. Any of your local hobby shops will gladly preorder one for you, I’m sure

  1. As I see more 18th scales coming out this past year, I keep hoping someone will start making performance parts for them. I’d love to see a real racing class for budget racers, and I believe 18th scale can do that if the aftermarket sees it as well and jumps on it.

    Hopefully, having Traxxas behind this budding lineup will get the attention of the aftermarket. I’d love to see something that can compete with the rc18t.

  2. Hey Matt.

    Just wondering if you think that the Teton would be a good “toss it in a backpack” trail truck to go hiking with?

    The trails it would be running are very well groomed.

    I’ve got it down to this, or the Telluride…but this seems like a good option to just kind of take with me, where the Telluride is more of a “I’m going to the trails to run the RC” type of size.

    1. Hi, Jeff. I thought I responded to your comment, but must not have, so sorry about the delay.

      I think the Teton is perfect as a good backpack trail truck. That said, we have tested it soon, but have a review coming. Since it’s small and has open differentials, it may struggle on many trails that we hike without much thought. Also, I’m not sure how good the tires are yet. All of this will be explored in the upcoming review.

      The Traxxas Telluride 4X4 is great for trail use and we also a project coming up soon where we really up the off-road/rock crawling potential of the Telluride.

      A vehicle worth checking out is the Vaterra Twin Hammers. Lots of trial performance and pretty small in overall size.

  3. we are very very new to these RC’s and thought for the price that this Tetron would be Perfect for our kids to play with while my husband drives his Stampede. Our friends got thier kids traxxas cars for christmas and they only run for about 20 minutes on a full charge. Is there a battery available that will run for at least an hour or am I better off buying a couple battery packs and charging them so they can be ready when one battery dies?
    PS we just got the tetron today and wont know how long the battery lasts till tonight.

    1. Hello and welcome to the hobby! I fear you may be disappointed with the runtime of Teton. There is nothing wrong with it or the included battery, but you have some pretty high expectations if you weren’t impressed with 20 minutes of runtime out of your friend’s Traxxas vehicles. When I got into this hobby, we were lucky to get four minutes, so my perspective is a little different. The good news is there are batteries that will deliver long times. What you need to look into are LiPo battery packs. LiPo cells are a much more advanced and higher performance chemistry than the NiMh packs included with the Traxxas vehicles. It’s worth noting that Traxxas includes LiPo packs with some versions of its vehicles. Traxxas also sells them separately along with a variety of chargers.

      Again, welcome to the hobby and please feel free to ask any questions. We are here to help and want you and your family to have fun!

  4. Really looking for a truck that my 4 year old son can use.
    Now torn between this Latrax Teton or the ECX Ruckus 1/18…

    The Latrax does have ball bearings, where the Ruckus has bushings (they do sell a bearing kit for $15, so no real issue)

    One thing the Ruckus does not have is a Lipo detection, so plus for the Teton.
    I do have 2S 5000mA Lipo packs with Deans plugs, so I could use these to get long runtimes???

    ECX does implement a full dual rate throttle control on their transmitter, so speed control for my son is better.
    Any idea how fast the Teton would be in ‘training mode’?

    Any help in choosing ???

    1. I doubt you can go wrong with either pick. I can’t comment too much on the ECX as I have no real experience with it. I’m not a big fan of minis and micros, but the Teton is well done. We have one here for testing and Traxxas/LaTrax did a good job for what it is.

      Not sure if your particular LiPo packs will fit, but if they do fit, there’s no reason you couldn’t use them if you change the Tamiya plug on the Teton to Deans. Keep in mind a 2S LiPo will a lot zippier than the included NiMH pack. For your son, I suggest running the stock battery even though runtime is much lower. With the NiMH and in Training Mode, I believe speed will be appropriate for your son. Every child is different, but my son started driving around the same age. He’s six now. I started him on crawlers and he’s now learning how to drive on a track.

      Again, I don’t think you can go wrong with either choice, but I’d go with the Teton personally. And, that’s more of a subjective choice.

  5. Hello and thank you for such a great site to find usefull information!
    I have left this hobby for about 10years and now it s time i go back to it. Cannot be nitro as i was fed up with maintenance and dirt :). I see now impressive performance with electric and buggy are the way to go. So i m looking at small scale and got stock in between choosing hpi xs flus or the teton. This latter one feels very basic compared to hpi but to start again and appreciate the good old fun might be the risk free hassle free solution? I was wondering if you could suggest which lipo battery pack shall i purchase online so to have an option for longer running and fun time matt?
    Aldo, how smaller the teton is vs the hpi xs?
    Thank you so much and have a good day

    1. Hello, Piero. First, thank you very much for visiting RC Truck Stop.

      The HPI Savage XS is a solid four inches longer than the LaTrax Teton, so it’s safe to say these two trucks are not in the same class size. The Savage XS is also twice as much money as the Teton at $300 compared to $150 for the Teton. In my opinion, it isn’t much of a fair comparision between these two platforms.

      While I believe you will have a lot of fun with the Teton, given your already an experienced RC’er, I would personally suggest the Savage XS over the smaller, more beginner friendly Teton. I am, by no means, trying to talk you out of the Teton, but I believe the Savage XS is a better longterm fit for an experienced user.

      As for a battery, for the LaTrax, I would check out Traxxas line of LiPos. That said, I highly suggest you swap out the stock Tamiya plug on the Teton to a Traxxas plug. There are many great brands of LiPos and I have experienced excellent results with many of them. I frequently use MaxAmps.com. The Traxxas packs, have been good quality.

      Please let me know if you have any things to discuss. Good luck and have fun! Oh, and welcome back to the hobby!

      1. Excellent thanks for the great info matt. Defo going for your advice on the xs but now that you treated me back into this i ve made some checking and seems like the reference is the e revo but that s another twice as much if not more!
        Thank you and have a great day

  6. Matt, do you think one of these would be a suitable / durable toy for a 4 year old. He’d be using it in ‘training mode’ of course. The Toys-R-Us Garbage keeps on breaking, we’ve had two break in the last 3 weeks and when they do work, the battery life is abysmal.

  7. I’ve been looking at this baby a lot, but also have a keen eye out for the Summit Mini, which however carries a much more vicious price tag.

    How capable is the Teton on a lawn with slightly high grass, and how well does it perform on gravel and dirt. I love the the Summit, but it seems to perform rather poorly on asphalt compared to the Teton.

    I’d love an all-round performer, that’ll do snow, dirt gravel, grass, lawn, and asphalt.

    what do you think ?

  8. Hey I have been reading some reviews and a lot of people say it is terrible because the stuff breaks. So if I want a all weather rc car that survives almost anything should I get this (budget 180$)

    1. Keep in mind that this vehicle is purchased almost exclusively by beginners–its target market.

      Maybe consider shopping around for a Traxxas Slash or a waterproof HPI Wheely King.

  9. Hey guys, not to reject the teton it’s a bit expensive for me that’s why I ordered the wltoys A949 for $80 at tmart.com. It goes 50 kilometres and runs for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.It’s a ford fiesta rally car. On mine I put LED lights at the bottom of the car and it looks like neon lights. Make sure you check it out!

  10. Can you drive 2 2.4GHZ at the same time,

    my wltoys is 2.4GHZ
    The teton is 2.4GHZ my friend has the teton and we want to drive both at the same time.
    PLS reply

    1. 2.4Ghz radio systems are self finding systems, which means once one vehicle is on and powered up, that one band/signal of of the 2.4Ghz is taken and blocked out by other 2.4Ghz devices. So in short, yes you can drive more than one vehicle with 2.4Ghz radio systems at the same time.

  11. I just blew up my motor on my latrax Teton and I found a 24t motor but it’s for traxxas boats will that work in my teton

  12. Thanks for the review.

    I have interested in RC car recently and am thinking about buying a RC car.

    Currently I am considering teton or sst (trax) models. Do you have any other recommendation models for beginner?


  13. My 8 yr old son spent $160 for his first remote control and it didn’t work. Trexxas wanted to send me parts to try to fix their brand new product. Really??? Then on top of that they wanted me to pay shipping to send their faulty product back. Really?? My son just spent $160. What an unprofessional group of folks. I’m glad I got it from Jegs. Com where shipping and returns are free.. Something that the company supplier doesn’t even do. I’m thinking it’s like the new bike for your child to open for Christmas and it doesn’t have tires…so do you think you should pay shipping for the tires??? Really???

  14. Do you know how fast it is with the stock battery and the speed with lipo battery

  15. just purchased few of these from tower hobbies all are on back order, should be a hoot for everyone to run.. been in hobbies for 40 years mostly building my own boats since I was a child. ill post back on the product after few hours of use..

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