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Pro-Line Racing Prototype Ford Bronco


Yes, please. It’s a Bronco and we dig it. During a test session, Pro-Line unveiled a prototype Ford Bronco short course body. It is patterned after the third generation Bronco body style that ran from 1980 to 1986. This Bronco was the first Bronco to feature an independent front suspension (Twin Traction Beam or TTB) and was a popular choice for desert racers.

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  1. This is awesome, but it would be much more appropriate for an SCX10. I guess SC trucks get first dibs because they’re the hottest category right now.

    1. You’re in luck and must a real truck guy. Not too many people remember the pre-Ranger Ford Courier. I say you’re in luck because Pro-Line did make a Ford Courier. You may be able to find one. I had one and loved it. Try finding one on eBay.

      1. , i have a proline courier packed up, but not sure if it will fit a sc type truck, It was for my E-maxx. Think a sc type courier would look awesome with bulged out fenders and bedsides. By the way love this web site!!!

        1. No, that Courier, unfortunately, won’t fit a short course truck. It will be way too narrow.

          I am glad you love the website. We’re doing our best and it’s nice hear people our digging it.

  2. Hmmmmm, funny enough the RC Recycler ad beside the picture is for a set of AR60’s. It’s meant to be, they release this body and I have my next build.

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