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Integy 6WD 6WS Billet Alloy Trail Roller

integy 6ws opener

The 6WD 6WS Billet Alloy Trail Roller name may not be terribly original, but the truck sure is. It’s loaded with bling, and as you can see for yourself, it’s outfitted with 6WD and 6WS.

Integy includes six beadlock wheels and states that 95% of the truck is aluminum alloy or steel. The overall wheelbase is 415 mm, so it’s a big rig. It shares many features with Integy’s other Trail Rollers, such as 3-gear transmission and metal gear internals, slipper clutch, alloy HD slider driveshafts, multi-link front, center, and rear suspension, alloy shocks, full alloy front and rear axles, full ball bearings, pre-mounted rock crawler tires, adjustable alloy front bumper with winch, adjustable alloy rear bumper, alloy side steps and more. Integy states this is a limited edition.

As a roller, the Trail Roller is pre-built. The price is $670

integy 6wd 2


Learn more here.

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  1. The most fun about having a 6×6 is building it. Pretty cool lookin truck Integy has here though none the less

  2. One really good thing about it is it shares SCX10 parts. it’s basically all of the parts they make for the SCX10 rolling into one package. So fixing it if it breaks will be easy. Also, From all the pictures I’ve seen of that rig, it looks like there is just an extension on the regular chasis which means you should also be able to use this setup as a regular 4wd with 4ws if you choose to down the road. It also makes me think they may come out with an add on for the SCX10 and their 4×4 crawler in the future. I’ve really been digging Integy’s stuff lately. I’ve ordered a few parts for my SCX10 and I’ve been pleased with the quality. The only complaint I have with them is the fact that they are constantly running out of stock.

    1. Great points, Branden. I have mixed feelings about the shared parts as I do not advocate cloned parts. But, in this case, I think it is just Integy using the aftermarket parts it created for the Axial SCX10. They’ve made enough aftermarket parts to offer it as a roller. It’s similar to what Pro-Line was able to accomplish with their PRO-2, which I doubt anyone would consider a Traxxas Slash clone.

      1. I completely agree. I dislike when companies clone parts. It just seems too close to theft for my liking. I was trying to say they were using all of their upgrades. I was just pointing out the fact that because of this, parts trasnfer over. So if you maybe wanted to upgrade to some Vanquish parts you could just get them for the SCX10 and they would fit. Or if, while on the trail, something broke, you could use axial parts to quickly fix it seeing as they are usually readily available when out with a group.

        1. I’m sure there is parts interchangeability. The Integy Trail Roller is one of the few crawlers I don’t have some specific experieince with, so I’m sure how much interchangeability there is, but I think you’re right and there will be some opportunity to swap and upgrade.

  3. Are these available? if so, what transmitter/receiver is recommended? got to have at least a 6 channel, if lights are on the menu I am in the market for another model… just wondering where, when, etc thanks

  4. Matt,
    I am a design engineer with a small gear shop and was wondering if you think there would be a market for a 6×6 transfer case design to sell to you and / or your contacts?
    Pleas let me know either way.
    Thank You,
    Jim Brissenden
    23 years of engineering transfer case deign for New Process Gear.

    1. In my opinion, the interest would be high but the market would be small (a phenomenon I’ve seen often in RC). I don’t sell any products, but I’d be glad to share the news if you went live with the concept. You might consider a transmission/transfer case design that had a more standard or mainstream application that could be converted to 6×6. Maybe a modular design. Good luck.

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