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Pro-Line 1981 Ford Bronco SC Body Official Release

proline bronco 1

We brought you the scoop on this back on February 11 when we spotted a photo Pro-Line’s Ty Tessmann shared while practicing and testing. Well, now it’s official. The Bronco is listed as a 1981 (Ford had this body style from 1980 to 1986) and is part of their True Scale lineup. While we love the specialized race bodies for short course, we really dig these realistic shells. This body will be at home bashing around the backyard and turning laps at the track. The body comes clear and includes overspray film on the outside, window masks and a decal sheet. It’s a short course body, so it’s big. Pro-Line notes that extended rear body posts are required.

proline bronco 4


proline bronco 2 proline bronco 3 proline bronco 7

Learn more here.

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  1. Wow, that thing is almost 21″ long, 12″ wide, 6″ tall, and a 13″ wheel base. It’s a beast. I bet it would look good on my SCX10 with an extended wheel base and some big 2.2s. Hmmm now I’m torn, I was gonna do a nice 2 piece Jeep Comanchee body with the Honcho rear and a custom interior, but now I’m thinking this could be interesting.

    1. It certainly would be a beast on a scaler. I personally wouldn’t be too surprised if Pro-Line came out with a version for the Axial SCX10 or similar trucks

  2. I wish they would do a blazer version. That is because Chevy short course bodies are nonexistent. One for the SCX10 would be nice. Visit my R/C site at chris.supportmyidea.com/categories/trucks/

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