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Axial Racing SCX10 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited C/R Edition RTR

axial cassie currie jeep

Axial Racing has pulled the covers off a hot new RTR. It’s built on their popular SCX10 platform, uses the popular 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited body and has been dubbed the C/R Edition RTR. If you’re wondering, the C stands for Currie and the R is for Rigid. Keep reading to check out why.

The Currie name is pretty well known among off-roaders. Currie Enterprises has been serving the off-road community since 1959 and is one of the most respected brands for axle, steering and suspension upgrades. If you have a Jeep and dream big, you have probably checked out Currie. Casey Currie is the grandson of the company’s founder and has already proven to be an extremely successful off-road racer—and he’s still in his twenties. In addition to desert and short course racing professionally, Currie is an avid Jeeper and has even started his own company, CRC. CRC stands for Cruise it, Race it, Crawl it.

LED lights are hot in off-road and one of the top companies is Rigid Industries. Their LED light bars are showing up on Jeeps everywhere. Axial made an awesome set of lights for the C/R Edition. It includes the 50″ E-Series roof mounted light bar, and a pair of Rigid Dually lights. That’s not all as a total of 10 forward facing bright white LEDs are installed. Want more? Two additional Rigid bars are included in the box. You just have to mount them and add some LEDs. Additional LEDs are sold separately. Wiring for the lights is neatly strung under the body and the included extension wiring harness makes it easy to remove the body when you need to get under the hood.

tactic metal gear servo axial axial rigid light bar axial leds

axial rigid lights axial wheels axial wheels tires

Axial knows RC scalers have tire and wheel fetishes, so you’ll happy to find new items on both accounts. One of the first products from the Casey Currie’s CRC brand are CRC edition Black Rock Wheels. Axial states the flat black finish combined with their great strength make them the perfect addition to the Axial C/R edition Jeep Wrangler. For tires, Axial has some 1.9 BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX on the rig. In the full-size off-road world, these tires are the winner of more rock-crawling championships than all other tires combined (Race spec tire, Years 2004 through 2008). Axial’s version captures the same aggressive look you’ve been waiting for in its Trail/Comp sticky R35 compound.

The new servo in this RTR looks to be a direct benefit of Axial getting integrated into the Hobbico family. The included Tactic TSX45 metal gear servo is rated at 151 oz-in of torque (plenty of turning power for 1.9s) and has dual ball bearings.

Axial includes decals for either a CRC or Rigid theme.

axial cassie currie


axial rigid

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  1. Hi Matt, what is going on with Axial. How many times are they going to do the Axial SCX10. There’s got to be something they can come up with than another jeep body. Don’t get me wrong I like jeep’s but enough is enough. How about trying a different body.

    1. Hi, Coleman. I hear what you’re saying and it’s an oft made complaint, so to speak, across RC brands. As for Axial, Jeeps are immensely popular, so it makes sense Axial is getting in on as much of the action as possible. Getting additional licensing is time consuming and downright difficult to get done. Meaning coming out with additional lines isn’t as easy as it may seem. The biggest factor may be the cost of developing new product. Everybody wants new product and the manufacturers get it, but economics of business might mean they have to get as much mileage as possible out of existing platforms.

      1. Hello gentleman,

        Axial has a proven, researched and high demand platform referred to as the scx10, this platform has a plethora of existing aftermarket part supply which gives axial the competitive edge to say the least. Axial has been recently purchased by the automaker Jeep Chrysler dodge, and has additionally added the dodge ram body as it required little to no effort in licensing. Axial is playing it smart this far and is happy with a proven market platform. I own one as well as millions of others in the us.

        Good luck gentleman

        1. Ummm Mike,

          “Axial has been recently purchased by the automaker Jeep Chrysler dodge”

          You woundl’t happen to have any automotive industry experience or press release to back that statement up do you?

  2. For me – it looks absolutely awesome, but i agree with many ppl out there who think that Axial has to come up with something new and original than another scx-10. Anyway i think this one is quite interesting.

    1. There’s little (none really) doubt that Axial will come out with something new. In a short period of time they have gone from upstart to one of the top brands in the industry. That said, they are still one of the smallest big companies in RC. Even with the support of Hobbico, Axial does a lot with a little. My point is even developing items like the light bars, new wheels and tires takes time and resources away from other projects. And a lot of it is just economics. Companies simply have to get a lot out of every platform to be viable in the long run.

      All of that said, I would love to see Axial come out with a solid axle monster truck. Axial really gets how to marry scale and performance, so I can’t think of a company better suited to make a solid axle monster truck that people would love.

  3. Think about it like Porsche. They have been making the same exact 911 since the late 70’s. Small changes but all in all the same platform. When a manufacturer/company has a product/vehicle that’s base works so well they don’t change much. Traxxas with the revo platform. It would be about the same as trying to better the wheel. Yes as a consumer it gets a little old with only new bodies or bolt ons. At least you get a trusted platform when you buy any version of the scx10

    1. Right on, Richard. All real world auto manufacturers have to do this. I know everyone wants something new and exciting–I do, you do, we all do–but there would be downsides. For example, the costs would be much higher and there would be far less aftermarket support.

  4. I just purchased this new rig and love it but I want to put larger tires (2.2) on it. Is this servo still a good servo to run or should I upgrade? Also should I put a rc lift kit on it for the tires to fit property ?

    Thanks in advance for a reply

    1. You should be able to raise the body depending on how large the tires you run are. Taller shocks will, of course, also raise it up. Raising the body, however, is free. I suggest running that servo until it gives out. Then buy a metal gear servo with over 200 oz-in of torque and get an external BEC.

  5. Man, I can not wait to buy this! I love the lights and the tires! I wish the price would go down. Also, how did you get advertising? I want my site chris.supportmyidea.com (all about food, trucks, and electronics) to have advertising. If you could send people to my blog, I will do that with yours! Thanks!

  6. hey matt, hows buisness going, i have a question about the new c/r jeep axial has is it worth 409 $ or not bcuz it look sick man i like the idea of this jeep because it has lights now and is a proven chassis but the plastic links throw me do they hold up or do i buy new ones from the local hobby shop also is the suspension flex scale i want as scale as possible rig what can i use as accesories from house hold items because i have felt for a soft top roof but no ”windows” how do i make em and is it waterproof becauseive heard it is and ive heard its not can u clear that up

  7. I know the light bar and LED’s are available separately, Here is what you’ll need:

    Universal Rigid Light Bar Set

    8 LED Light String (White LED)

    3 Port High Output LED Controller

    Hope this helps.

  8. hey matt with this new jeep how do i plastidip it so it can be waterproof and also could i see some pics of it driving and all the lights on …..how tall is it fully built and how tall is the body itself and tire size in inches thanks man

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