RC4WD 1/10 High Performance SMD LED Light Bar

rc4wd light bar
Lights are by far one of the most popular scale accessories. Lights add the real deal off-roader look, but they are also functional and extend the usability of your scaler. RC4WD has added to its selection of light options with the release of the 1/10 High Performance SMD LED Light Bar. This particular unit is 100 mm or 4″ long, and RC4WD has the price set at about $40.
rc4wd light on
rc4wd light brackets
The “L” brackets are reversible to allow fitment on a variety of applications and the brackets can also be rotated. 20 individual LED bulbs are used for a high light output. The mounting holes are 2 mm, which maintains the scale look and can easily be found at most hobby stores.
rc4wd light back
One of the coolest features is the case is vented just like a real LED light bar to dissipate heat.
rc4wd light 2
A standard receiver plug is used and the light connects directly to any extra channel plug on a receiver, so installation is extremely easy. RC4WD states the light works with up to 3-cell LiPo if used of a BEC to regulate voltage below 7.4 volts
The overall length or width is 4.81″ (122.3 mm) and the light bar itself is 3.93″ (100 mm). The overall height is 0.81″ (20.8 mm) and the bar height is 0.63″ (16 mm).
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