RC4WD Mud Slinger 2 XL 1.9 Tires

rc4wd xl mud slingers

If you like RC4WD’s Mud Slinger tires, but don’t think they’re tall enough at only 3.66 in., you are in luck. The new Mud Slinger 2 XL 1.9″ scale tires are 4.21 in. (107 mm) tall and 1.5 in. (38.1 mm). The tires feature inner ribbing for sidewall support. RC4WD describes its X2 SS Compound as super soft and super sticky. Expect $25 a pair.

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  1. Honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of this tread pattern, and the size still seems a bit odd. (Axial and Pit Bulls still have an average height of 4.45) But the compound is REALLY nice. Very grippy stuff!

    1. I need to test with this compound. I’ve been sticking mostly with Pro-Line and Pit Bull tires because I wasn’t impressed with RC4WD’s early compounds, but I think I need to reevaluate.

      I run Pro-Line XL tires on one of my 1.9 comp rigs because most of the clubs I run with use the same courses for 1.9 and 2.2 (or Class 2 and 3), so to really do well with your 1.9, a larger tire helps. The classes are run separately and are made passable for both classes, but there will always be a few spots geared towards challenging the bigger 2.2 trucks. These spots stop most 1.9 rigs–but if you have a big 1.9, you may be able to make it.

      And thank for checking out the article and commenting, Chris. Your input is always very much appreciated

  2. Love my 2.2s. Always thought the old 1.9s looked weird and had a V pattern in their cross section… These look better.

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