RC4WD Twisted Monster Truck Spiked Tire

rc4wd spike tires

Solid axle monster truck racing is enjoying a bit of a revival, but even with the increase in attention, monster trucks still don’t get anywhere near the attention the big segments like short course and scalers get. Case in point, while the other segments have more tire choices than they know what to do with, monster truckers have hardly any choices. Well, RC4WD has added to its lineup with the Twisted Monster Truck Spiked Tire for trucks such as the Tamiya Clod Buster.

The Twisted Monster Truck Spiked tires are molded in RC4WD’s X2 SS Compound. As described, they fit Clod-sized wheels with their 2.51 in. (64 mm) inner diameter. They are 5.96 in. (144.7 mm) tall and 4.21 in. (107 mm) wide. Expect to find them $35 a pair.

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  1. glad to see the MT market get another tire , but its design is …. dated to say the least, these are so much like a brand of tires i got for my original rc10 in 1988. companies need to see what is the HOT topic in RC and see how they can cover the market , if you took the RC4wd TSL design and made it fit the clod rim, or made a new clod style rim that would be a direct bolt in for the Axial axled truck. the buyers would beat down your door. dont get me wrong I LOVE what HUA and the crew at RC4WD do for the RC market, this is just a little short on follow through… just my 2 cents

  2. Yeah, it’s a dated design, but I like it. I prefer monster trucks to have a retro look. I’m waiting for a repop of the Pro Line Giant Trac.

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