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STRC Off-Axle Servo Mount Kit and Panhard for Axial Wraith Review


There’s all sorts of crazy creativeness going on scalers. I love it. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone drops something new and cool on their rig. Even with all of the proverbial out-of-the-box thinking, one of the fundamental go-to scale modifications we keep seeing–for good reason–on numerous built-up scalers is a CMS, or Chassis Mounted Servo. Moving the servo, which sticks out like a sore thumb, from the axle to the chassis creates a cleaner and far more realistic look. There are kits available and plenty of DIY versions, but all largely focus on the Axial SCX10. STRC has a kit for the Axial Wraith that features a “Off-Axle” servo mount and includes a Panhard bar, which allows proper  suspension geometry during articulation and reduced bump steer.

pan hard kit GM

ST Racing Concepts is quick to point out that while some other manufactures require you to purchase the servo chassis mount and Panhard kit separately, this kit comes as a combo kit (minus the Axial rod ends).  The steering links and Panhard bar are made of solid CNC machined high quality aluminum that measure approximately 7 mm thick. The Panhard link mount is cleverly installed on the axle beside the right front lower shock and link mount. The kit costs $40 and comes in black, green, gun metal and silver.


  • Black STA30792PBK
  • Green STA30792PG
  • Gun Metal STA30792PGM
  • Silver STA30792PS

panhardinstall3 panhardinstall2

While most people do an upgrade like this as a personal preference, but for me (and many others) it also served an important purpose. My Poison Spider Wraith needed a steering fix badly, the stock plastic had gotten very sloppy and I was seeing a bit of bump steer.

I liked how well the kit went together and that it didn’t require any cutting or modifying of the stock cage. I have seen some addition fab work needed with some kits and applications. It does, however, come as no real surprise that you will need to buy some extra Axial parts trees to get everything together properly, unless you have these Axial parts in your spare parts bin. You’ll need Axial part AX80057 rod ends and AX80018 Ball link for the rod ends. The only thing I didn’t like about this setup, but knew it full well going into it was with having the servo mounted up in the forward half of the chassis, it did limit the room I had under the hood from a box stock perspective for the speed control and receiver box. Not a deal breaker though because with careful thought and some finesse with working around the cage,  having my forward battery tray up front again and the electronics in the rear section is something I think I’ll tackle next. Everyone will have a different layout that works for them. Axial does make it failry easy to swap around the stock electronics for weight distribution or space.

Overall, I liked the kit and was happy about getting  better steering out of my Wraith. At first, I though the Panhard bar would hamper some suspension moment and alter the alignment, but it does its job well and keeps everything where it should be. The rig keeps a good line and stays in the direction you put it in. Whether you are into backyard rock garden bashing or comp-level use, this kit will work for you.

ST Racing Concepts

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  1. The draglink is backwards. It needs the bend at the bottom. The instructions even show it and it works good that way.

  2. Hey Yukon, good eye. Yes the instruction said the link should be different than how I have it. But Matt is right. I did it on purpose. Personal preferences on that one. I found it operated better in its current setup. The biggest reasson was because of the servo saver. Not a lot of guys run them so to get it to work the way I wanted I changed it a little. Didn’t think anyone would notice 😉 Thanks for reading Yukon.

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