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STRC CNC Machined Aluminum Diff Covers Version 2 for Axial AR60 Axles Review

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Axial’s AR60 axles are becoming increasingly popular as they are found as factory equipment on Axial’s Wraith and AX10 Deadbolt models and also hundreds of custom rigs out there. They are great axles, picked usually because they’re wide, but axles tend to get lost in the project. This also happens in the full-size world and is why a lot of people opt to stick fancy diff covers on their axles. Diff covers are eye catching, but diff covers also take their fair share of smacks from rocks encountered on the trail, so heavy duty diff covers not only look good, they also serve a real utility. Here are some great and easy to install aluminum diff covers from ST Racing Concepts that will make your axles really stand out and help them take a beating.


These covers, Version 2, install as a direct replacement for the factory plastic diff covers. Made from high quality CNC machined aluminum. The cover is designed to go on with the logo appropriately right side up and are shaped to accommodate the ring gear on the right or left position. The inside is machined out in a stepped fashion, so there is plenty of material between obstacles and your axle’s gears.

In my book, these are truly a must-have for a  scale build. They come in silver, limited edition red, black, green and also gun metal. It’s important to note that if you’re digging the red, like I did, get them soon because they are a true limited run. These retail for 18 bucks for a single cover. The red covers are only sold as a pair for $36.


  • Silver STA80070DS2
  • Black STA80070DBK2
  • Gun Metal STA80070DGM2
  • Green STA80070DG2
  • Red STA80070DR2

diffcovers together

Okay, there’s not too much to say here as these are really a pretty simple part. I recently installed the silver and limited edition red aluminum covers on two projects–Clod Killer on a Budget and my Poison Spyder Wraith. I think they look great and would, likewise, add a nice touch to anyone’s build–RTR or custom build. The parts bolt right on and fit perfectly. As you’d expect, they have held up fine and there looks to be zero chance they’d fail. STRC uses high quality aluminum and does machining that is as good or better than OEM. That can’t be said of every aluminum parts maker. These parts are typical of STRC and that is a good thing.

ST Racing Concepts

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  1. Those do look nice, and the AR60 axles are a nice scale axle. A bit too wide for my next build however, using scx10 axles. I wish Axial would have made a diff cover deigns for those stock. instead of dishing out big bucks for the “all alum” housings for other manufacturers. Still, Chris what you have here works well and looks good. I love the “Clod-Killer” builds you and Matt did. Adding bling like this is a nice touch.

  2. Thank you Garry, your input on the SCX10 axle design is shared by many, but gives part reasson to the success of the AR60 axles . Yes, wider than the SCX10 but still used under a large number of custom builds. I know Matt and I are happy with the progress and status of our clod killer project’s, and yes, by simply adding some nice aluminum diff covers to a project, it helps a lot. Im happy with the end result and overall very satisfied with the latest STRC products. Good luck on your build, Matt and I always like to see our reader’s rides so please share when your up and running, and let us know if you need any help. Cheers!

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