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RC4WD Digger Scale Monster Truck Axle

rc4wd digger axles

This release from RC4WD instantly got our gears turning and we bet we’re not alone. The Digger Scale Monster Truck Axle is perfect for building a scale monster truck. And while we haven’t seen them in action, but based on what we can see, we’re willing to also bet these axles will work as good as they look.

rc4wd digger axles 2

The CNC-machined aluminum axle features an 8 mm output shaft, 14 mm steel wheel hexes, integrated servo mount and multiple options for shock and lower link mounting. The ring gear 43-tooth and the pinion gear is 13-tooth. RC4WD says the axle has a 30° steering angle. RC4WD says you should be able to get the Digger axles for $180.

> Total Width: 12.9 in. (328 mm)
> Hex to Hex Width: 11.5 in. (292 mm)
> Pin to Pin Width: 11.1 in. (283.5 mm)
> Pumpkin Height: 2.41 in. (61.2 mm)
> Weight: 21.6 oz (615 g)

axles steering

RC4WD has a XVD axle for the Digger Scale Monster Truck Axle. These heavy duty axles are heat treated and cost $40. A CNC machined steering kit is also available for $15.

Learn more here.

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    1. They are $180 each, so it would be $360 for a pair. The steering kit is $15 and the XVD axle shafts are $40 for a pair. All parts are listed as in stock.

      1. Thanks I am going to get a tube chassis from Mr.boyer soon so I am trying to design it now.if any one has any suggestions greatly appreciated what tranny driveshaftsand ESC radio gear should I use with these digger axles

  1. I like these axles; very cool. however, what I don’t like is, the steering knuckles. they deliberately designed them, to only work with RC4WD wheels. Can’t run Clod wheels. Which means even more expense.

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