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Axial Yeti RTR Rock Racer


This is a big deal. It’s not a whole new invention, but it’s still a major release. The Yeti is what a few people have been fabricating on their own and what a whole lot more people have wanted. The Yeti is Axial’s production version of what most refer to as the “Wrexo”—as in Wraith combined with Exo. Kind of like celebrity name mashups (Kimye, Brangelina, Bennifer, etc. etc.), privateer RC innovators love to do the name blend, whether it works or not. For the record, I am very happy to report that I had to Google those celebrity couples. More to the point and of far more interest, what we get with the Yeti is an EXO buggy with a Wraith solid rear axle. Basically, it’s one of the most common configurations for a King of the Hammers style Ultra 4 rock racer. The Yeti is also RTR, so not only do you not have to hone your fabricating skills to get this type of off-roader, but you don’t even have to build a darn thing. Don’t worry, I’m sure a kit version will follow.
The AR60 axle is Axial’s wide axle and is commonly known as the Wraith axle. It arrives locked, but you can build an open rear diff. The speculation is the front essentially comes straight from the EXO (with some tweaks) and is an independent suspension setup with an 1/8-scale buggy style gear diff.

The bottom line is Axial fans wanting something new and unexpected can rejoice thanks to new upcoming release. As described above, based on what we can see, the Yeti features an independent front suspension and solid rear axle with trailing arm rear suspension. Information is limited, but we did get some technical data from some fortunate folks who were treated to a sneak peek at AxialFest 2014. The scoop is the Yeti will include a 4-pole brushless motor, Trail Ready HD Series IFD Style Beadlock wheels, and BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX Tires for sufficient ground clearance and traction for rock racing and crawling. The Yeti Also features a new body design (with body clips), driver and co-pilot figures and a 2.4 GHz radio system.

Axial told us an official press release is due to be released in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned, We will post more info on this release as information become more available.

yeti1  yeti2 yeti3

You can preorder the Yeti for $429.99 at Rpp Hobby and at Tower Hobbies.

Learn more here.

Our testing sample has arrived and we have immediately started working on an in-depth review, but thought we quickly share some first impressions.
> The Yeti is big. It dwarfs the Vaterra Twin Hammers (Photo coming soon)
> The cage and body remove as one
> The shocks are high quality for a RTR
> The front bumper is soft (in a good way) and built to absorb some rough hits
> We can’t wait to see what Pro-Line comes up with and hope they’re already working on body styles
> The hard plastic details on the body are a nice touch
> We’ll be adding lights right away (even though Ultra4-style rock racing at night will be a real challenge)
> No sticker sheet made me sad as Axial has some of the cooler sheets
> Icon shocks are on the way, as are other factory modifications such as heavy-duty diff gears
> Curious if popping dog bones will be an issue

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  1. Did Axial in fact say the front end is straight out of the exo?
    The EXO knuckles and carriers would have to be changed to accommodate a standard 2.2″ wheel, unless they are using some wide offset hub…

    1. No, Axial hasn’t said a thing. The article has been fixed for clarity. That was my bad wording, not Chris’. We don’t know how they accommodated the wheel change.

  2. I’ve been thinking about this truck and Axial is announcing it and releasing it in an odd way. They’ve either become so cocky that they think our fans will drink our Kool-Aid and preorder this thing without any details. OR they are not confident in this machine and they are thinking hopefully people preorder this machine before they find out the real details. They’re withholding information for some reason. Maybe it’s just to generate hype? It’s just odd.

    I still personally want one, but I don’t see myself buying one anytime soon.

  3. It has all new steering. Only part that is direct from the exo is the front diff and lower arms. The rest is new. Geometry for the steering is greatly improved.

    Oh and that is from Axial. Can’t say my sorce as I was sitting at a table at Axialfest with them.

  4. Just seen some reviews on internet.Some mute points:
    Hubs coming loose(later aluminium?)
    Tyres loose after two runs
    Wires from motor scraggly (easily fixed)
    Drive shaft twisting
    Stronger steering servo. High torque?
    Apart from these fantastic car!Just ordered one!!!!!
    Regards to all

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