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Axial Ram Power Wagon SCX10


It appears Axial is listening to its customers (and the scale rock crawling community as a whole) and will be dishing out, what we’re guessing, will an SCX10 based on a full-size pick-up, the Ram Power Wagon. It also appears you be able to modify the body by removing the bed and replacing it with an optional flat bed with cage (same truggy-style multi-piece cage and Lexan bed floor as used with the Honcho). You can see a different view the bed here if you’re not familiar with it.

We’re torn on which variant we like better, but we’re sold on the idea of the big Ram truck. Scale truck pulls, here we come! Considering how complicated licensing is for RC companies, it makes sense that a Ram truck was chosen considering Axial’s relationship with the Jeep family.

Looking closely makes us highly suspect this will be a RTR version, but Axial typically makes sure buyers have options, so we likewise suspect some sort of kit version will eventually come out. We’re not waiting.

axial dodge power wagon

As soon as we know more, you’ll know more.


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  1. Its about time Axial listen to its customers. I’m buying one as soon as they come out. Thanks Matt for the heads up.

    1. I agree, I think a Silverado is well over due. Make it a 2014 body style, that would be really nice. I know pro-line has the body style up to 2013, but I think Axial could add some nice detail to the mix.

  2. i am sick and tired of toyotas and any other non american cars and trucks. its good to see american iron for a change!i was concidering a rc4wd tf2 with a different body for my first rc but the only body that fits it is a tamiya ford f-350. the tamiya body with grill EXTRA $ bumpers EXTRA $ roll bar extra $ everything for the f-350 body was $125.00.FOR A BODY!!! NOT DOING IT! so the tf2 is out. i like axials power wagon but it it only comes with a 2ch radio, how about ch`s for lights & winch.this is going to be my first rc so it looks like a new radio or a new body, the radios cheaper. thanks axial for making my decision easier.

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