Duratrax Picket and Six Pack Short Course Tires


You’re all a bunch of spoiled brats. You kids these days don’t know how good you have it. Back when I got started in this hobby we had to walk to the hobby store and we didn’t countless brands of tires to choose from. Okay, let’s lose the grumpy old man schtick and roll down memory lane. A Hobbico brand by the name of Duratrax was one of the brands that came along shortly after I got started in RC. Back then, it DuraTrax with a capital “T” and I thought their tires and displays were pretty darn cool. Somewhere along the way the Duratrax brand evolved and its focus shifted from tires to beginner-friendly vehicles and a notably successful line of chargers. A few years ago, however, Hobbico decided to reinvigorate the brand, and in addition to a much-needed visual facelift, a lineup of tires was launched. The last time Duratrax was serious about tires, the rubber was rock hard and the spikes were big. Add in the fact that Duratrax had positioned itself not as performance brand but as more of a budget and beginner focused brand and it was understandable that most were at least skeptical of how good Duratrax’s tires would actually be. Well, if you haven’t heard, Duratrax’s tires are great. They haven’t won a world championship yet (and probably never will), but racers do use them and people have quickly realized you get a lot for your money with Duratrax. So, my first point of this article is to encourage you to also consider Duratrax next time you’re tire shopping. The second reason for me typing away is to introduce you to two new short course tires from Duratrax, the Picket and Six Pack.

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The Picket and Six Pack are both molded in Durtrax’s C2 (soft) and are general use, basher type tires. The Picket has the more realistic tread pattern and the Sox Pack has some big voids and should provide some decent grip. Again, these are both good for bashing and having fun on all sorts of surfaces. I’d use either for a truck such as the Traxxas Telluride or any short course truck ripping up the backyard.

Like the rest of the Duratrax tire lineup, you can get these tires unmounted or mounted. The Duratrax short course wheels are a black five-spoke design. Odds are they have the offset needed for your truck. They also sell the wheels in yellow and white, but if you want pre-mounted, it’s black.

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