Axial Yeti Drivetrain Upgrades

yeti universals

That didn’t take long. Axial already has some hop ups for its still-new Yeti. The first offerings are all for the drivetrain, which is a pretty awesome place to start on a vehicle that takes a serious beating. The first part is a set of universal front axles. Universal axles, compared to dog bone axles, provide smoother, more efficient performance and are often far more durable.  These axles are made of hardened steel and will work with the Yeti and also the EXO Terra Buggy. Expected price $40.

yeti motor mounts

Up next, Axial has a CNC-machined aluminum motor mount set that I would consider a must-have for high horsepower applications. This setup will add rigidity and help dissipate heat far better than the molded plastic parts. The pieces are machined out of hard anodized 6061 aluminum, include hardware, are laser-etched logos. The motor motor will run you $65.

yeti gear

To further beef up the drivetrain, Axial has a series of 32-spur gears for the Yeti. These gears are CNC-machined out of steel and should give some serious piece of mind. The gears include a bearing and are laser etched. The gears are $25 each and come in 68, 64, 60 and 56 tooth counts.

slipper mount

Rounding out the factory drivetrain mods are aluminum slipper plates that, like the other parts with the exception of the universal axles, are CNC-machined for a precise fit. Axial states the pieces are also lighter than the stock cast aluminum plates. The plates are hard anodized for durability, a direct bolt-on and include front and rear plates. The place are listed for $20.

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