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In Search of . . . Yeti XL? What Does #YetiXL mean?


Forget the Sasquatch, Bigfoot and the Yeti, now the search is for #YetiXL! Axial Racing put out this cryptic message of #YetiXL with a few photos. So, what do you think it is?

yetixl backlit dash

“XL” is pretty standard abbreviation for extra large, so one obvious possibility is an oversized or large-scale Yeti. Could Axial have developed a 1/6- or 1/5-scale Yeti at the same time it was developing the 1/10-scale Yeti? While entirely possible, it is unlikely. That said, Axial could build a large-scale vehicle a little easier than some other manufacturers. It’s current lineup is built in a factory that builds large-scale vehicles. That isn’t essential, but it sure helps. Making it unlikely, however are a few other factors. Large-scale vehicles are a higher price point item and that’s a tough sell. A vehicle like the Yeti in 1/5-scale would cost well over $1,000 and could likely cost close $2,000 as a RTR. Add in the fact that HPI and Losi are already fighting it out and the unfortunate fact that the category has no shortage of clones and Axial might not see it as a viable market for them. Also, I’m not convinced a large-scale vehicle could handle rock racing.

yetixl griffin

Axial Racing has a history of partnering with full-size companies and that would explain the Sparco, Griffin and FuleSafe mentions. The #YetiXL rage could be a hopped-up Yeti with a bunch cool add-ons seen in the photos. The photos could be a glimpse at a larger Yeti, but it’s highly likely is teasing some of the future option parts and that each is tied in with a partner from the full-size automotive world. It could also be a look at the kit version. Axial often turns it up a notch on the kits. It could be a bit of both, a hop-ups coming out and a kit version.

yetixl fuelsafe fuel filler

Bottom line is, just like the real Yeti, #yetxl is a mystery.

Regardless of what the #YeitXL turns out to be, I am digging the mystery. And just like any good mystery, the clues keep coming. The latest clue is photo released by Raceline Wheels. It’s with noting that #YetiXL was tagged.

axial racing raceline wheels

Here’s what Raceline had to say about on the Facebook Page:

Axial Racing demands maximum strength wheels for their R/C vehicles, especially those that get slammed around in the rocks. Check out this Raceline wheel featured on one of Axial’s new rigs. Show us your Raceline equipped Axial rig.

So, are we any closer to figuring this out? Based on the wheel’s locknut, I think we can rule out 1/5-scale if this wheel is indeed connected to the Yeti XL. Larger than 1/10 scale, however, is still entirely possible.

axial icon shocks #yetixl

Is this the best clue yet? I think it may be. This photo, distributed over social media by Icon Vehicle Dynamics, has a potential size reference. If you look closely you can see needle-nose pliers holding the shock end. While a larger-sized Yeti isn’t out of the question, this photo makes me lean towards the Yeti XL being a tricked out Yeti and not something like an 1/8-scale version.

yet xl size

I think we can say the cat is out of the proverbial bag. The “XL” in Yeti XL does indeed stand for extra large. Since full-size rock racers come in all shapes and sizes, it’s hard to say exactly what scale it is, but I think it’s pretty safe to it’s 1/8 scale. What does that mean and how big is XL? I did some detective work and I am getting about a 28% difference. That’s pretty conservative based on the photos I’ve seen. Even though the Yeti XL could be larger, my thought is the Yeti XL will have approximately an 18.14″ wheelbase. So, if the Yeti is 1/10, scale, the Yeti XL is, as I said above, in the 1/8-scale neighborhood. It should be a big 1/8-scale vehicle, but definitely not 1/5-scale.

axial yeti xl

In addition to seeing how big the Yeti XL is, we got a good look at a whole new axle from Axial. And, not just a new axle, but new tires.

axial yeti xl tires

On their blog, Axial even poking a bit of good natured fun at the online haters.

You DIDN’T ask for it, you didn’t expect this size from us. You said all we do is re-badge our existing AX10, SCX10 and Wraith platforms… but good grief Charlie Brown, we are only nine years young!

While you’ve been hugging your SCX10 branded pillow case, we’ve been quietly working away for the past two years on some newness; first came the Yeti and now the Yeti XL!

Yes, it’s real, yes it’s big. Yes, we did it our way and that just takes a little longer than most!

The playground just got a lot smaller – YETI XL™

The ol’ bottom line is we’re excited. Are you?

axial yeti xl 6

WE’LL DO IT LIVE! (Obscure media reference)
Well, here it is, folks. We have confirmation the Yeti XL is real and we have a bonafide sighting–real deal photos taken live. Jerry Ellifritz of U4RC took these photos at the Lucas Oil Off-road Expo in Pomona, CA. Enjoy!

axial yeti xl 1 axial yeti xl 2 axial yeti xl 3

axial yeti xl 4 axial yeti xl 5 axial yeti xl 7


You can check out U4RC here.

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  1. Great, more over-hyped crap from Axial. this is just getting depressing. This company gets further away from quality with every release. More licensing cost for parts that are badly produced in the first place.

    1. Interesting point of view, Chris. I have never thought of Axial as having any real quality issues. The Yeti is a tough call as it’s an Ultra4 rock racer. As you know, many people are using them just like the real deal–slamming and bouncing off rocks at full speed. I know that in a real King of the Hammers race few vehicles finish without damage. Point is bashing full speed over rocks is kind of ridiculously grueling. I don’t know; I’m reserving judgment on the durability of the Yeti for now. It’s surviving rate is probably far better than the real deal. As always, thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. The 2.2 Comp open class at last weekends U4RC race at Berchard raceway / Glen Helen saw the least amount of attrition than any other class. It was all Yeti’s and one wraith based rig. The Yeti’s held up beyond what should be reasonably expected from any R/C.

  3. I will hold judgement on this till i can actually put my hands on it at the LHS. but if the photos and statements are true then this will open up the flood gates of “larger than life” rc . the potential mods and spins off of this could be a great boost to this great hobby. think a larger than ar60 centered axle. bigger gears . with that alone you could make a large scale monster truck with huge power.or a copy of your 1:1 that would be indy front and solid rear……this could be a mind blown moment in the hobby

    1. I agree. This could easily be a big shift in the hobby–one of those moments and the start of a new era.

      Tamiya Hornet launched us into the 1/10-scale off-road golden era
      Team Associated (Associated Electronics, at the time) RC10 and the performance-built off-roadera
      Traxxas T-Maxx and the monster truck basher era
      Traxxas Slash and the short course era

      There are others such as the touring car era and scale monster truck era. The Yeti XL isn’t the first “mid-scale” vehicle, but it could easily be the one that starts a new era.

  4. Hello,
    Well I must say Im not to happy so far with my yeti I live in the heart of the redwoods and have a course most would dream to have in there backyard. Out of the box yeti performed good then i crashed it hard into a fence and broke the steering knuckle and bent the A-arm pins no biggy I replaced steering arms and knuckles with vanquish put it all back together and BOOM!!! sheered both rear wheels off took the axle pins and walked wright out of the bead lock. Now here’s the funny thing I was just on the grass which was cut low and dry. I’m thinking shit whats going to happen to this thing when I do take it on my course. Not to happy cause your limited to what you can get aftermarket wise just thinkin maybe time to throw a currie rock under all this plastic and see if it will hold up. I’m seriously tho almost afraid just because all this shit happened while running in the grass HUMMMMM

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