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Pro-Line PRO-MT Kit


As the longtime leader in the categories, Pro-Line is best known for its extensive lineup of bodies and tires, but it recently P-L expanded its offerings in a big way with two full kits, the PRO-2 SC and PRO-2 Buggy. Now, taking us by complete surprise, is the unveiling of the PRO-MT, which is a 2WD electric monster truck along the same lines as the popular Traxxas Stampede. So, it’s like the ‘lede, but loaded from end to end with Pro-Line high end performance parts. Pro-Line’s PRO series components are built with high-quality materials and optimized engineering. Basically, this is going to be an awesome backyard basher.

pro-mt 2

The chassis looks just like the PRO-2 SC and and PRO-2 Buggy chassis and is similarly fashioned out of 3 mm thick aluminum, but its significantly shorter for a 11.2″ wheelbase instead of 13.9″. To make it more suitable for bashing, tall side guards are also incorporated.

pro-mt 3

The Pro-Spline HD telescoping driveshafts are a new design and feature CV-style joints steel sliders. As with the other PRO kits, the transmission has steel gears.

pro-mt 4

The PRO-MT is a do-it-yourself kit, but the chassis, Performance HD transmission, PowerStroke shocks, tires and wheels are all pre-built. The clear body is an extra-thick Sentinel body, and the black F-11 wheels and wrapped with 2.8″ Trencher tires.

pro-line mt 5

18.0″ (457 mm)
Width: 14.0″ (355 mm)
Wheelbase 11.2″ (284 mm)

Expected price is $390.

Learn more here.

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  1. it looks good. I saw a video of it running. it’s Very durable. how much different or better is it, then a traxxas stampede though ?

  2. Hey Matt,
    I love all aspects of RC. I’ve been interested in getting a really good rock crawler. What name brand would you suggest in a rock crawler. I’d like something that is really low geared to be able to crawl slowly. I’m looking for really good quality with some flexibility in price. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank You. Bruce

    1. Hi, Bruce. Awesome question. There are a lot of great options, but to really answer, I need to know if you want a scale crawler or more of performance-based competition crawler. Okay, never mind, I’m going to presume you want a scaler that is realistic. That’s what’s most popular now. My top pick is the Axial SCX10. Axial offers a few versions and there are a number of bodies available, so you can find something you like. The Axial is well built (good design and quality) and there is a ton of factory and aftermarket support. The new Vaterra Ascender looks extremely promising and we have a review coming soon, but I can’t recommend it until I get some real firsthand experience. RC4WD has some cool crawlers and their latest stuff is actually pretty good. You mentioned price and I think you should be able to find a pretty good deal on an Axial.

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