Helios RC LED Light Bar V2 Review


Want to double your RC scale fun? Of course you do. Get some lights and keep running when the sun goes down. Not only do lights allow you do run at night, which is a whole lot of fun, but let’s be honest, they look cool. There are lots of vehicle LED lighting options out there. Some are pretty pricey and some are complex with adapters, and separately sold parts to install. The guys at Helios RC keep it simple, and leave a lot of the imagination up to you on how you add there lights to your rig. But they don’t make it difficult.

These V2 Helios RC LED light bars feature an element that that will run off a 6-volt source, which means you can plug them right in most radio’s receiver unused port. However, not every radio receiver puts out the correct voltage. So, you will need a proper BEC that puts out 6 volts or a secondary switched power supply.  The light bar can handle up to 7 volts, so if you’re running higher voltage servos you are covered.

For mounting, there are holes through the housing for m3 screws that allow you to mount it a few different ways. I chose the double element for optimum performance and application. The single would be great for all kinds of scale lighting applications such as a front bumper fog bar lamp, or lighting for under chassis trail illumination when crawling at night. I decided to use the light bar with a 6v receiver pack and toggle witch in the dash.


  • Note 1: do not power the lights directly from a 2s LiPo. This will ruin the light element
  • Note 2: for optimal brightness it is recommended that you don’t run the light on less than 6 volts

LED Light Bar V2 Configuration Options:
Single – this is with a single light element and printed with light weight with thick walls and hollow center.
Single Solid – this is printed with a filled center and will be stronger.
Double – this has two light elements for double the brightness.
Double Solid – solid printed interior so it will be stronger.
Price: $15-25 *depending on light configuration

Light Color:
Super White – Visually similar to what you would see from a HID lights you’d see on full size.
Warm White – These look warmer and are more scale. These will look like regular headlights.



Once everything was wired up and I found a safe spot for the light bar on the Wraith, it was time to hit the trails and, well, whatever else I could find in the dark. On 6 volts, the light bar performed well and I was happy with the amount of the light at that voltage level. The double element definitely does help with the overall lighting coverage of the ground ahead of the vehicle. If you went with the single element, I would suggest mounting it in the lower front of the vehicle rather than on the roof. The bar itself is fairly strong and took its fair share of the tumbles and falls that one would expect when out bashing or on the trails. When mounting anything to the roof of your RC vehicle some care should be taken and understand that the component isn’t “bulletproof” and anything will snap off if it’s abused too much. Overall, this setup worked well and with the ability to see what was ahead, I had fun cruising around in the dark.

Helios RC

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