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Axial Speaks on What is Waterproof


At RC Truck Stop we’re in the content creation business. That said, every once in a while, we share some cool content from our, well, competitors (and friends) such as RC Soup. Seems odd, but we don’t have our head stuck in the sand pretending we’re the only RC website out there. There are others and we are well aware that you know it. So, if we see something worth sharing, we share. Such is the case with this article on the subject of waterproof we found on Axial Racing’s site.

We weren’t the only ones impressed by this article. Check out a couple of these quotes we saw on Axial’s Facebook page:

“Nice article and you guys are probably the first to really tell the truth. Good job!!”–Ken R.

This article is another reason I feal Axial is a great company that does care about it’s customers”–Trevor O.

What a freakin’ excellent article. I’m going to print it out, book mark it, pass it around. That answered a ton of questions I have been asking and getting mixed responses to. THANKS AXIAL!!!!”–Adrian A.




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