Integy 8 Spoke AQ Style 1.9 Alloy Beadlock Wheels & All Terrain Tires Type IV Review


When it comes to wheels and tires for any RC, the choices you have are almost endless. Even when you break it down to the size by category that came stock with any RC vehicle, you can still find yourself overwhelmed. I’ve always believed that no matter how good or bad a RC body looks, wheels and tires make any vehicle stand out more and gives it its true “character” look and attitude. Recently, I set out to look for some nice 1.9 wheels and tires for my Axial SCX10, but like I said even in that single category of 1.9 sized wheels and tires, it’s hard to choose. When I checked out Integy’s selection, I did, however, find the look I was after, and it came in at a very affordable cost.

I decided on some great looking Integy 8 Spoke AQ Style 1.9 Alloy Bead lock Wheels, sold in pairs. I matched them up with Integy’s All Terrain Tires Type IV tires. The tires come as a set of four.

The Integy 8 Spoke AQ Style 1.9 Alloy Beadlock Wheels are a four piece design, not counting the hardware, and use all aluminum construction. The four pieces include the backside bead lock ring, an inner sleeve that the previously mentioned ring bolts to, the outer face (also bolts to the center ring) and the center hub. What is atypical about this setup is that the outer face isn’t just a bead lock ring, but is the ring, spokes and mounting point for the hub.

The tires might be called all terrain by Integy, but they are more of a mud terrain tread pattern. They measure just slightly under 4″ tall, which puts them on the smaller side.

Bead locks are pretty common along the aluminum upgrade side of things, here are a couple quick easy pointers along the way when installing bead locks.





First, neatly arrange all of the components and make sure you have all the hardware and parts for for each wheel. Some wheels (like these) have different length of screws for the center cap as opposed to the locking ring screws. Don’t mix these up.


Insert the foam into the tires and in install the center wheel collar ring into the center of the tire. Make sure the bead of the tire is in place. Install the locking ring, and start one screw by hand. Don’t fully tighten it yet. Then install a screw directly across from the one last installed and so in. This will aid in putting in the rest of the hardware in properly and lessen the risk of cross threading.


As you have all the hardware loosely installed around the locking ring, start to tighten down one screw, and do this in a cross pattern, much like you would torque down the lug nuts on your full size vehicle. This ensures a good grip on the bead and will reduce the chance of bunching up the tire on one side of the tire bead because of over tightening along the same side of the wheel at once. Only hand tools should be used to avoid over tightening and stripping the screw heads or threads.


The all-terrain tires are a nice scale size and so performed well on a variety of terrains, but I wouldn’t recommend them for competition use. The rubber is soft and pliable, but in some cases, on some sharp rocks, it’s maybe too pliable and soft. I haven’t torn a side wall, but I made a continuous effort when out on the trails not to grind up the side too much. The bead locks wheels are great; they hold there bead well and go together pretty easily. The bolt on center cap is nice along with the incorporated hex. This makes for easy wheel removal. The inner foams are on the little spongy side, but sturdy enough to hold up an average weighted rig and contour to the terrain without looking flat or blown out. Overall, I’m satisfied with both the wheels and tires, and I can’t really argue the price point, they are worth the money. Overall, they are great for scale appeal and they will get you down the road.

Billet Machined 8 Spoke AQ Style (1 pair) Off-Road 1.9 Size Wheel
Part#: C24559BLACK
Price: $29.99

1.9 Size All Terrain (2 pairs) Off-Road Tires Type IV (O.D.=100 mm)
Part #: C23768
Price: $29.99

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