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RC4WD Cutter Scale Driver Figure Review

rc4wd cutter action figure driver

Scale details are like tattoos and Pringles–odds are one ain’t going to cut it. And, one of the most must-have scale accessories is a driver figure. Makes sense because an empty driver’s seat in a moving vehicle isn’t exactly realistic. Well, just get a driver, right? Not so fast. Most scale drivers are sourced from the toy section of a department store. There are a few problems with the majority of the store-bought action figures. One is that the most common choices are wrestlers. While I’ve selectively used them, the WWE stars are often too large, and while you’d think having someone behind the wheel is better than nothing, I’m not so sure when I go to a scale comp and more than half the trucks are piloted by over-sized, half-naked, muscle-bound freaks with ‘roid rage expressions. Doesn’t remind me of any full-size off-road meets I’ve been to. Point is RC needs more scale drivers. As luck would have it, RC4WD has a solution that I’m surprised has taken this long to come to market. RC4WD recently released four “action figures” for use as driver figures. I got my hands on Cutter.

cutter 1

Cutter and his three buddies, Mike, Keith and Rick, are all 5.79-inches tall. Using 1/10 scale as the baseline, that makes them a tad under 5-feet tall if he were a real person. Fear not, most RC trucks, even if they are labeled 1/10-scale, are not perfectly sized and the interiors are almost always cramped. I doubt Cutter and his buddies would look realistic behind the wheel of an Axial Wraith, but they will fit perfectly in many other RC rides.

cutter 2

RC4WD selected figures with lots of articulation, which is a good thing. Most action figures actually have to be modified to sit in a scale seat. The arms bend at the wrist, elbow and shoulder. The neck rotates, but the waist doesn’t. The legs are triple jointed like the arms. You get a little bit of ankle movement, the knees bend and the legs bend up to allow a ol’ Cutter to properly sit.

As I’m sure you see in the photos, Cutter has gray hair and what we’d describe in real life as a bit of a standing angry face. He has a serious look, but not even anywhere close to about-to-explode look most of the wrestlers have. While they all have the same bodies, Cutter’s buddies have different heads providing different looks. Mike has parted brown hair, Keith has fuller black hair and Rick is a blond.

The gang is all dressed exactly the same. They have jeans, a white RC4WD-logoed white T-shirt, red and black flannel jacket with gray hood and RC4WD ball cap.

Each figure is listed for $29.99. If you’re worried about weight, Cutter weighs

The best part about the RC4WD figures is that they are easily posable. I’ve had to perform what would be rather devastating surgery to many figures to get them to sit in a realistic manner. I’m talking significant groin modification with a Dremel–yikes! The second best feature is Cutter is wearing clothes. The jacket is a bit too large, but the T-shirt is easily folded in back to take up the slack. The jeans, which you ironically won’t see in most interiors, are spot on. The hat is fantastic looking, but because it’s molded plastic, it is a little too thick. It looks odd on Cutter’s head, but will look amazing glued to a dash or passenger seat.

While Cutter will look great in many interiors, I hope RC4WD comes out with some slightly taller counterparts. Overall, the details are good and the articulation is better than any other driver figures I have used. Some people will get sticker shock at the price as $30 is a lot, but many people would rather pay that for one figure that really works than go through two or three wrestlers that don’t. These RC4WD figures aren’t the only choice and I doubt people will stop raiding the toy aisles, but I do expect to see a lot of Cutter and his buddies at the scale comps. Don’t forget, Cutter is worth four points at most scale comps!


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  1. This driver figure sums up the current state of RC4WD. They sell low quality, Made In China products at premium prices. They have gotten a big head and, as a result, the quality has dropped while prices have skyrocketed.

    The SWB kit, without a body, sells for as much as a full GII or TF2 kit. That’s insane. Plus there is the whole debacle with their Raceline wheels cutting the beads of RC4WD tires.

    My RC4WD True Scale beadlock wheels had a ring bend while installing RC4WD tires.

    Lastly, I know two people that have gotten Gelande II kits with two of the same axle trusses. Then another got one incorrect hub when he bought a set of wheels.

    The list goes on and one. Thankfully, RC4WD is no longer the only game in town so I can easily and happily avoid purchasing from them.

    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion. While your criticism of RC4WD is harsh, we do allow sharing of opinions as long as no obvious lines are crossed.

      I’m notoriously cheap, so I personally wouldn’t buy a $30 driver figure, but I think the review is an honest assessment of the product offered.

      I also don’t believe RC4WD has a “big head,” as you put it. This particular product may be a miss at the price point it’s offered, but the other quality control issues you mention are more of a reflection of the company’s age and size than a big head.

      Thanks again for commenting. Audience feedback is highly valued here.

  2. Someone needs to make decent 7″ figures to use as drivers/passengers… These guys are just way too small.. While I applaud RC4WD for their effort, they should have known better than to come out with these tiny drivers as much as they are trying to make realistically scaled objects/accessories… I’ve used wrestlers but they are so unrealistic that I gave up on them. I ended up using a Splinter Cell figure that fit perfectly in my SCX10 with Wraith interior, but the choices outside of that are slim to none

  3. I’m working on a 1/6 project and the1/6 figures I’ve found that will articulate so that they will work are a little big, but they do fit. Just a little from a different perspective.

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