STRC Machined Aluminum Center Driveshaft Splines for Axial SCX10 and Yeti


If you want to strengthen the drivetrain and put more power through on your Axial Yeti or SCX10, check out these new spline shafts from STRC.  These pieces are made of CNC-machined aluminum; they are a direct fit to the center drive shaft. This upgrade will help improve power transfer and eliminate some the flex of some of the stock plastic drive shafts. The aluminum splines allow for smooth movement inside the drive shaft halves during suspension articulation. They are available in anodized black, green, silver, gun metal, orange and limited edition red.

SCX10 owners should note that two pieces are required to complete the whole truck.

The Yeti pieces are $12.99 each and SCX10 parts are $11.99 each. The splines do differ in length and close attention should be taken when picking which shaft spline is best of your vehicle application.


Yeti Splinepublish SCX10 Splinepublish

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  1. My name Is bill I been into rc’s for a while. I would luv a set of those aluminum splines for my axial power wagon they would be bitchin

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