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Pro-Line Racing Flat Iron 1.9 XL Tires

flat iron xl 3

Pro-Line is at it again . . . and we couldn’t be happier. These new Flat Iron XL tires are, as the name describes, extra large compared to the original Flat Iron tires. The XLs measure 4.76″ tall by 1.83″ wide. For reference, the original is 4.13″ tall and 1.81″ wide, which means the new XL is taller but barely wider. That creates a very realistic profile.

The tires are sold in pairs, include memory foam and are molded in Pro-Line’s G8 compound.

flat iron 3 flat iron xl flat iron xl 2

Learn more here.

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    1. Possibly. You can easily raise the body, or possibly trim the body. Adding spring pre-load can also be done to lift the vehicle for clearance for the XL tires.

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