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HPI Venture FJ Scale Rock Rocker

hpi venture fj

Looks like there’s going to be a new crawler at the party. HPI Racing has posted a video of an upcoming release called the Venture FJ. There hasn’t been an official press release yet, so all that we know (or anyone knows) is what we can see on the video and what HPI has told us, which at this point isn’t much.

venture fj mud venture

Here’s what we do know:

  • The working prototype is waterproof (most likely the production version will be)
  • The truck features solid axles
  • The design is said to be all new
  • The body uses a mix of Lexan and hard plastic components
  • It features 1.9 tires

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  1. This HPI FJ Cruiser looks very true to scale except for the fact that the 1.1 FJ Cruiser has a front wishbone suspension. It would be nice if RC companies fallowed a true scale rule by matching the scale model suspension system with the 1.1 vehicles they are replicating. Also they need to indicate the true scale of their vehicles. Enough of this 1/10 scale class! either it is a 1/10 scale or it’s not. Most axial trucks are not 1/10 scale like they claim. I measure the Axial JEEP Cherokee and it is more like a 1/8 scale. What’s up with that ? 🙂

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