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Pro-Line Racing Brawler Clod Buster Wheels

You’ve heard of the economics theory of supply and demand. It’s easy to see how it works, but sometimes there are baffling instances of no supply despite a clear demand. Such is the case with Clod Buster wheel choices. Over the years, there just haven’t been that many affordable wheel choices for Clod or solid axle monster truck owners. That has changed.

Pro-Line’s Brawler wheel (17.5mm offset shown here) is a new scale monster truck wheel for solid axle trucks. The Brawler 2.6” Gray Wheel  is, as you’d expect, a perfect match for Pro-Line’s Destroyer 2.6” tires and is loaded with scale details such as the scale planetary hub that covers up the non-scale looking wheel nut. The stock offset version has the same wheel offset as the stock Clod Buster wheels. Both versions use 12 mm hexes.


  • 2-piece glue-on wheel with wheel nut cover
  • 2 Offsets available: stock and Wide (+17.5mm per side)
  • Molded lug nuts and Bead-loc detail for a scale look
  • Gray wheel with black hub cap
  • Nylon wheel material


  • Two wheels
  • Black wheel nut covers
  • Hardware


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Pro-line Racing



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  1. I bought a pair of the +17.5mm offset for my Juggernaut. They look great! But! They don’t fit well, I have to put a washer behind the wheel nut to make it fit snug, otherwise it wobbles on the wheel axle a little. I could dye more thread on the wheel axle some more to make them fit better. I’m not sure if that’s the case with the stock offset. Still I’m happy with them, and will more than likely get another set once I put my Super Clodbuster together.

    1. Hello Ole, glad to hear you are enjoying the new brawler wheels. We are currently reviewing these and will take note and see if we have a similar experience. This review should be wrapped up soon, so be sure to watch for it. So far I haven’t had this issue. I’d like to see what you mean about the washer and wheel nut. I can picture what you mean, but pictures say so much more. Your welcome to send photo’s of this issue to rctrcukstopchris@gmail.com. It also may be worth contacting pro-line if you suspect there is a defect in the mold.

    2. Would a thicker hex be enough to take up the extra space?? I’m curious myself. I’m about to orchard a set of the wheels for my Wraith monster truck conversion, and I’ll need to know what else to buy to make them fit the Wraith axles properly.

      1. Mike F.

        I’m currently wrapping up the next product review of the Brawler wheels. We got them assembled and started testing over the last month and have been testing off and on with different terrain. It will be published soon, so be sure to check back for it. In the mean time I can tell you that both the stock off set and 17.5mm offset wheels bolted directly onto the Wraith AR60 axles with ease. I found NO play in axle at the hex or cross pin. They are well designed and have held up amazingly. I have tested both wheel offsets combinations on the stock clod axle and the Axial AR60 Wraith axle. The off set does make a big difference when it comes to the Axial axle when it boils down to steering.

        Hope this helps, let me know if you have anymore questions, I would be happy to assist anyway I can.

  2. Aloha Christopher! I’m a fan of yours. And I will gladly provide pictures when I get home. Currently I’m abusing the computer use at work. 😀 Basically what I’m trying to say is, the wheel nut that screws on the wheel axle butts against the axle stop, where the thread ends, before the back of the nut would actually press against the wheel. I have to put a washer with at least 5mm hole so it could slide through the part of the wheel axle that’s not threaded to fill the gap. I couldn’t find such washer at the nearby hardware store, either the OD is too big or the ID is too small. So I had to drill the hole bigger instead of turning the washers with bigger OD. I tried the wheels I got on my Juggernaut, not a Juggernaut 2, a Vintage Clodbuster, and a Super Clodbuster, and the results were the same. I can only imagine even worse results with a TXT-1 or TXT-2, as their wheel axles are even longer.

  3. Oh, by the way, I’ve also contacted Pro-line and made them aware of my situation. Either they fix the mold or just provide washers that would fit perfectly in the pit where the wheel nut would go. I don’t know what’s cheaper for them.

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