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STRC CNC Machined Aluminum Lift Kit for Axial SCX10 – Review


You may have noticed that the scale segment is getting bigger and bigger. It just continues to grow. And, you may have also noticed that scale has transcended from rock crawlers and trail trucks to other segments. We’ve seen crazily detailed RC vehicles of all sorts. On the truck side of scale, people are making more rigs modeled after what’s popular in the real world and this includes mud trucks and mega trucks. Whether you point your truck towards some gooey, nasty muck and pull full throttle or keep it clean and for show, the must-have accessory for one of these trucks is some oversized tires–the bigger the better. STRC’s aluminum lift kit makes it easy to go big without breaking your budget or your drive train.


The STRC lift kit for Axial SCX10 vehicles and consists of two twin vertical plate design along with shock mount extensions and hardware. The new hardware is needed as most of holes are counter sunk to be used in place of the stock button head screws. The beauty of the new plates is they lower the transmission to reduce the stress of the drive train. With the added shock mounts, the kit allows the entire upper chassis portion to be lifted–keeping everything else as low as possible while still achieving good ground clearance. This kit will allow SCX10 owners to easily run 2.2 sized tires.


To prepare the chassis for the lift kit you’ll need to start by disconnecting all eight suspension links and drive shafts along with the side rail mounts.

Remove the transmission and remaining skid plate mounting hardware. This will make things easier from here.

Remember which side plate corresponds with each chassis rail. Also, check the correlation with the transmission and skid plate. In this case. the gear cover faces the rear of the vehicle. Use the counter sunk screws supplied in the hardware bag from the lift kit.

With both plates bolted together to the skid, it’s time to attach the rear axle assembly. Make sure your driveshafts are lined up correctly with each other using the set screws as a guide.

With both axles in place, it’s time to start on the top end.

As you can see here, things are starting to really come together. Next, install the shock mounts and lift kit side plates to the frame rails.

The upper shock mount adapters will go across the regular mounting holes, but keep the inside holes clear for now, that will be for the plate mounts.

The rear of my SCX10 has the rear body mount and shock tower moved further back. The instructions that STRC has illustrate the side plate covering one of the forward mounting screws on the rear shock mount. However, because of my wheelbase I used one of the spacers in the kit to complete the mounting.

Here is what the end result looks like once everything is finished.

It’s important to note that these items are not required for the side chassis plates upgrade, but were added for personal preference.

Shock Tower Support (x2)

Graphite Battery Mounting Plate

Alum. Rear upper link mount

The STRC SCX10 lift kit basically lowers the transmission and suspension links. This allows the drivetrain and suspension angles to remain the same and not stress the drivetrain components. Crazy driveshaft angles are a common problem when lifting an RC truck (real truck too, for that matter). This kit completely eliminates this issue. Also, keeping the rest of the chassis and electronics up high is good if you do want to hit the mud. It does add some weight up top, but having the motor and transmission down low more than evens things out.

So why a lift kit? Everyone with an Axial SCX10 has played with the concept of swapping around 1.9 and 2.2 inch sized tires and wheels. Lets face it, there are tons of wheels to choose from. But, they are not all the same, and in most cases when running 2.2 tires on a rig that was designed for 1.9, some re-working of the body mounts or chassis and shocks are in order. Sure, you lift an SCX10 without this lift kit, but with the STRC SCX10 lift kit, everything lines up nice and it maintains adjustability. It keeps things clean and simple. Not everyone can customize a chassis, so for those who like the quick bolt on hardware and upgrade treatments, this kit is for you. It’s not impossible to run 2.2 tires on the stock setup, but having a proper lift and even weight distribution with proper drive line angles is something you’ll appreciate when out on the trails and bashing around.

scx10liftkit1a scx10liftkit2b scx10liftkit5

scx10liftkit3a scx10liftkit4 scx10liftkit6run


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  1. Ron,

    The Scx10 lift kit is available from STRC directly or you can check with local hobby stores if they stock STRC products. This kit was part #STA30502LGM and the website says $55.99us

    Thanks for checking it out Ron.

  2. What type of wheels and tires are used in this build?
    I have a set of these tires, they are very soft and the tread design works well for trail/ woods running. I would really like to purchase another set of the tires,if you could inform me where to get them.
    Thanks, Kivil

  3. The flex in the chassis is as solid as it is stock and with 2.2 wheels/tires the ground clearance and overall performance is improved. I’ve driven alot of 2.2 crawlers and this conversation performed better than I had expected in early testing.

    1. Kyle, I have contacted STRC and hopefully will hear back soon. I don’t want to speculate yes or no. I will post back when I get a response. Thanks for reaching out and checking out the review.

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