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STRC Axial Wraith Monster Truck Izilla Chassis Review


If you like monster trucks there are plenty of choices in RC, but if you’re a true fan of the real car crushers and want realism in your RC, which means ditching independent suspension for solid axles, your options are a lot more limited. To make matters worse, the mainstay–the Tamiya Clod Buster–is getting, well, rather old. On a related note, the company making the most solid axle vehicles–Axial Racing–doesn’t offer a monster truck. That brings us to the new STRC Izilla conversion kit. It’s a simple recipe. Take Wraith, add Izilla conversion kit, swap tires and enjoy solid-axle monster truck fun.

The new “Izilla” chassis is made from CNC Machined Aluminum. This conversion kit is built with the Axial Wraith in mind. Taking it from a rock crawling racer, to a solid axle monster truck. The conversion chassis kit uses stock Axial Wraith components and bolts together with ease and time. The “Izilla” is built around bashers and racers of all kinds. It’s versatility and adjustability does give this kind of conversion kit a step ahead of other custom homemade concepts currently out there. With having a racer is mind, it does have some great key features like “Adjustable forward or rear bias weight distribution” Meaning that the battery and electronics tray is adjustable to help distribute the weight around the chassis, this aids in better jumping, corning and over all handling of the rig in different vehicle setups and applications. The chassis does come in different color combinations to suit any theme and look you might be going for.

The “Izilla” chassis kit includes:
– 2 CNC Machined Aluminum ladder-frame chassis plates
– 3 CNC Machined Aluminum cross member beams (for electronics plate and battery tray)
– 2 CNC Machined Aluminum end cross member/sway bar mount beam
– 1 CNC Machined Aluminum electronics plate
– 2 CNC Machined Aluminum chassis cross brace
– 4 body posts
– hardware
– Part#: STA80074*
– Colors: The chassis kit is available in (BK-BK), (BK-G), (BK-GM), (BK-R), (BK-S), (G-G), (GM-BK), (S-GM)
– Price: $95.99

I would like to start off by clearing stating, once you dive into a conversion like this, its hard to compare this style of vehicle to that of the Axial Wraith platform. You really are changing everything about the vehicle and building a monster instead of a rock racer. The Izilla chassis is a great platform for a solid axle monster truck.  Both twin vertical plates are rigid and the cross member supports help keep the chassis from twisting. For added stability the front and rear chassis end supports have an incorporated mounts for the axial  sway bar kit (optional).   The available future alternate lower suspension links mounts are nice and while I only had a few spots for the upper shock mounts to adjust to, they were in the right spot and encouraged a positive shock angle and suspension travel.  I went with standard Wraith length suspension links and that gave the truck a good WB. I also added the 2.6 monster truck wheels and tires for a true monster look and feel.  The handling of the truck was exactly what I would expect of a vehicle of this type of platform much the same as the previous Budget Clod Killer Project  witch is based on the Axial AX10 Ridgecrest. The adjustability of the upper chassis components is a great feature because this allows you to really tune in the balance and when anyone can be running different types of batteries and receivers/esc, every ounce matters, especially in racing. This works hand-in-hand with changing up the handing of the truck when doing jumps and circuit racing.

The chassis is an important part, but the rest of the upgrades shouldn’t be ignored either. Axial builds tough stuff, but when it comes to building a monster truck, you might want to consider upgrading the stock plastic steering and suspension links for more durability, and fun.
If you decide to upgrade from the plastic links from the Wraith, (which I recommend) one option is the STRC aluminum link kit. part # STA80083S (as shown here) or STA80083US.  These links will also need Axial link ends and ball studs kit part # AX80057 (qty:2)  and AX80018 (qty:1)

STRC has full Wraith conversion details and instructions HERE


The Izilla chassis platform is based off the Axial Wraith conversion concept, but the truth is this chassis doesn’t need to stop at the Wraith. The build featured here was using an Axial Ridgrcrest AX10. Because lets face it, the axles are virtually the same. The AX10 center transmission fit in this build perfectly. I added a wraith skid plate instead the ax10 and was set to go. I see this chassis being used for a lot of custom builds and creations. The Izilla chassis doesn’t include suspension links, and that’s ok. This is great because it leaves it up to the imagination and what you can come up with. Having the option to build custom wheel based rigs are a big plus when matching up to a body that someone wants to run. The price point is good  and the quality is great. Building a monster project like this does keep a lot of options open.

izillachassis4  izillachassis5  izillachassis6
izillachassis3    strcizilla1a strcizilla2
strcizilla3  strcizilla4 strcizilla5
strcizilla11 strcizilla12 strcizilla6
strcizilla7 strcizilla8 strcizilla9


It’s important to note that these items are not required for the side chassis plates upgrade, but were added for personal preference and added overall durability.



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  1. I would like to know what is the new wheelbase with this conversion or the Proline body you use?


    1. Hello David,

      This Wraith monster conversion has the same wheelbase as the stock Axial Wraith. About 13.98″ (355mm). The center skid plate is from a Wraith and the links are from STRC for the Wraith (STA80083S). The wheelbase could be changed up with different links. Hope this helps, if you have anymore questions or need help with a build, let me know I’d be happy to help you.

        1. Hey John,

          I used the stock tamiya clod 5 hole wheel hubs on the stock Axial hex, and used a small steel washer to help support the nut mounting face. I will admit, there wasn’t a lot of room on the axle threads but it worked out on this build. There are other adapters that would work for the stock clod wheels. There are other wheel options too, Such as the Pro-Line Brawler wheels seen Here: http://rctruckstop.com/2016/05/05/pro-line-racing-brawler-clod-buster-wheels-review/
          They have a hex already molded in, so direct bolt on is easy. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Hi Christopher,

    Great article and it answered a lot of my questions.

    I am about to build one of these up but I still have some questions I am hoping you could answer.

    I see you are using an AX10 transmission. Are you using wraith driveshafts? I want to use an AX10 transmission since it looks easier to source but I don’t want to guess on driveshafts if I can avoid it.

    I am hoping to use shocks from an 1/8 scale Ofna buggy. Would you be able to recommend a size range for the shocks? I don’t have access to the shocks at the moment but I am pretty sure they are longer than the wraiths 100mm size. Also, what hardware would I need to attach them to the side of the chassis? The bottom looks like simple through bolt but it looks like I will need hardware for the top (or does the chassis come with this?).

    Thanks in advance if you are able to help.



  3. Hello Josh,

    I’m terribly sorry for this extremely late reply. The server that is responsible for emailing me comment updates was acting up or my email held in que, either way and I just recently got a flood of emails on articles. Im playing catch up now.

    This build up is using all stock AX10 Ridgecrest components. Transmission, axles and shocks. The only real swap out here was the links and chassis. The kit is designed for the Wraith, and the only “wraith” part I needed was the skid plate. The ax10 skid is shorter and wont fit on the side chassis plates, but the AX10 Ridgecrest transmission still bolts onto the Wraith skid plate and I pretty much build the rest of the truck from there as a upgraded AX10.
    As for the shocks, the length is up to you, and the upper mounts and hardware are in the STRC chassis kit. you may need some misc. hardware for some more adjustments and customization, but STRC does well when it comes to hardware, you just sometime need to add some Axial parts to finish it off.

    Hope this helps, by all means if you have any other build questions or need more pictures you can email me @ rctruckstopchris@gmail.com

  4. Hey Chris,

    Did you have to change your link sizes to accommodate the 2014 Chevy Silverado body? I was thinking about using that body on my Izilla build.I am using Wraith axles and links and would like it to be somewhat centered in the wheel wells?
    Thank you for your help,

    Guy Jones

  5. Hey Guy Jones,

    I didn’t have to change my link sizes at all. stock STRC alloy wraith links, Izilla chassis and Axial Wraith skid plate. The WB worked out well with the Pro-line Silverado body.

  6. Thanks for the review!

    I’m going to pick this kit up so I can convert my Wraith to a solid axle monster truck. I’m picking up a couple of Everest 10’s for my son and I so we can do some crawling/trailing. I enjoyed my Wraith as a rock racer, but knowing I can turn it into a solid axle monster truck is something I can’t turn down.

    So thanks to your review… I plan to pick one up soon.

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