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Vintage Tamiya Blackfoot Returns for 2016 Re-release


The Blackfoot is an ionic nameplate in Tamiya history. Right up there with the Bruiser and others like the Midnight Pumpkin and Lunchbox. They all come from the same generation. This was the start for many kids and adults in the 80’s. Owning one of these in a collection today meant you were able to relive that classic time. You can still find some original 80’s Blackfoot’s, but until now, getting one in good/new condition was hard to do and pricey. The Blackfoot has had a longer run than that of it’s cousin the Monster Bettle. It has had various forms all the way up to Blackfoot III. But none of them are anything like this classic original.

Earlier this year at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, Tamiya had announced a few more new re-releases for 2016. After all, they have been busy with pushing out some great new vintage replicas. The last 80’s classic 2WD vehicle was the re-released Monster Beetle, so naturally the Blackfoot had to be next. They had all the parts, Tamiya just needed to pile it all together. It’s now official, the 2016 vintage classic Blackfoot is a go.

That recognizable iconic classic F150 body is back, but unlicensed. Finishing off the body are similar decaling and roll bar, which are great to keep the body pretty similar to the original.  The chassis of the Blackfoot remains true of what it was back in the 80’s and does share a lot of the same attributes of the current re-released monster beetle. Those bright yellow wheels are back along with that red ORV space frame chassis. We are happy to hear that Tamiya is keeping things reliable and durable with universal type axles with dust boots, which means no more stripped out hex drives.


The Blackfoot will include the Tamiya TBLE-02 brushless speed control. It does have a stock silver can 540 brushed motor in the kit, but having the brushless ESC to upgrade with is a big plus. The radio, battery and charger are up to you.

No exact release date is set yet, but we speculate it will be later this fall.
More details soon!


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