STRC Axial RR10 Bomber, Yeti and Wraith Option Parts


If you own a Axial Wraith, Yeti or Bomber and you want to add some durability to your rig and still look good, check out these new parts from STRC bellow.

STA31156B CNC Machined Aluminum Motor Mount/Motor Cam combo.
– Axial RR10 Bomber
– Axial Yeti


STA80073B CNC Machined Aluminum Steering Linkage.
– Axial RR10 Bomber
– Axial Wraith


STA31317B/BK/G/GM/S CNC Machined Aluminum Lower link/shock mounts.
– Axial RR10 Bomber
– Axial Wraith
– Axial Yeti


STA31316R CNC Machined Aluminum Steering knuckles
– Axial RR10 Bomber
– Axial Wraith







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  1. HELLO Chris nice to know i have a place to go to in time of trouble or talk to a friend . as you did i also was a teck and then an engineer . state lic. been in the hobby since 1984 and won my share of trophy’s also with my boys 3 and 1 girl . tamiya was first and traxxas is it now. i tried ARIEL 4X4 BUT IT WAS A DUD OUT OF THE BOX SO IAM SAVING UP FOR A YETI . .WE ARE 10 GRAND KIDS AND 4 ADULTS . TEAM SLATTERY . THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THERE . ONE DAY YOU CAN SHOW me yours and i will show you mine. RCs that is. YOUR FRIEND AND MINE BILL ps great sight

    1. Well hello Bill,
      Thank you for the kind words and we are glad you found a place to turn to for anything RC truck related. We try and help out anyway we can and try our hardest to provide honest accurate content. I think anyone in the hobby over the past 25 years has had some kind appreciation for Tamiya. Axial and others have done pretty good for themselves and provided us with great products since. My personal RC collection is somthimg that has been on going for over 20 years. Having said that, like most folks some cars come and go. Please feel free to share your RC collection or anything else RC related you want to talk about and share on our Facebook page and stay connected with other readers and insight. You can also follow on Twitter.

      Thanks for checking us out Bill, we will continue to be dedicated to the hobby and the people who love it like we do.

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