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Axial SCX10 II Kit

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The SCX10 has enjoyed a long run as the most popular scaler. And, for most of its life, it has been only child in the scaler world. When someone bought a scaler, they bought a SCX10. Eventually, competition (both internal and external) came to be, but overall it’s fairly safe to guess Axial has sold as many SCX10s (in its various renditions) as all of the competition combined. But, the newer competitive releases have had the benefit of not being first out of the gate and have improved upon what the SCX10 essentially invented. So, with the years and the competition adding up, the SCX10 was starting to show its age. But, apparently, Axial wasn’t ready or willing to let its market share slip, so they have unveiled the SCX10 II.

The best way to sum up the SCX10 II is to say it’s a lot more all new than expected. Well, the reality is while a new SCX10 was highly desired, no one really expected this. Back to what’s all new, the list includes the chassis, axles, body, chassis mounted servo, bumpers, transmission and suspension geometry. This is more than just the next generation or some running changes, it really is all new.

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The biggest deal, in my opinion, are the new AR44 High Pinion axles. Not only do these axles look far more scale, but they have a much small ring gear, which means much better ground clearance. The setup is also optimized for reduced torque twist. The steering geometry is far better than the old axles and this kit includes metal universal axles for improved durability and steering radius.

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The second biggest feature is probably the chassis mounted servo. This is a popular modification on most scalers and now Axial has done the work for you. Best of all, most aftermarket chassis mounted servo kits have less than perfect geometry. You can bet Axial got it right.

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Possibly tying for second on the big deal list is the new transmission that looks a lot more scale than the old design. Where the power splits front to rear looks just like a transfer case on a real off-roader.

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Axial has continued its string of licensed Jeep bodies and has gone with a 2000 Jeep Cherokee. I happen to own an XJ, so I’m thrilled. I’m sure others will groan since it’s another Jeep. That said, if you can’t figure out how to pull four body clips and swap the body, you probably need a different hobby. Keep in mind, licensing is very expensive. Even companies that predominantly sell bodies feel the sting of having many brands licensed. Now that we’re past that, take note to how well detailed the body is. Side mirrors, door handles, grill, clear lenses and tailgate trim are all modeled and highly detailed hard plastic pieces. The body is clear Lexan, so it can take a beating without instantly snapping, but the molded plastic parts really improve the scale looks.

With better performance and improved scale looks there is little doubt the SCX10 II will be giving Axial’s competition a serious run for their money.

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  1. this new version is truly a head turning.. making me want to own another scx10, well maybe not in the near future 😀

    having reading on axials’ website, it’s a brand new design with only a few upgrades needed… I also considering converting my 3 year old scx to this, if the parts available in my country

    thanks for the sum up mike

  2. I’m new to the hobby and have been sucked in over the last 6 months buying my cheaper crawler/tinkering to my liking which might actually be worse then it started haha I preordered this as soon as it came out and can’t wait to piece it together and probably run it as stock because it looks soooo good!

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