STRC Option Parts for Axial SCX10 II


Looking for some reinforcement and great looking affordable upgrades for the SXC10II? Well, then you need to check out what STRC has for the new SCX10 II. STRC is always striving and further improving the durability and performance of your rig. Check out these latest parts made from high quality CNC Machined Aluminum. The new option parts feature heavy duty front and rear shock towers, Servo Mounts, and Transmission mounts.  The Front shock tower features heavy duty design that incorporates the front Pan-hard link mount in the identical location as the stock plastic piece, making this fit an finish easy and precise.  The rear shock tower features the same sturdy design and  eliminates any unwanted flex and it also keeps the body posts firmly in place. The front servo mount features a two piece design that mounts to the stock battery tray and “keys” into the C-channel chassis rail.  The transmission mounts work with the unique SCX10 II transmission (Not with the RTR transmission) and although they are small in size. they are a critical mounting point for the transmission to mount to the center skid plate and side chassis rails. These option parts not only enhance the durability and look of your Axial SCX10 II, they also add a bit more overall weight to the vehicle for more stability and weight distribution.  Available in a variety of colors to suit your customizing needs.

CNC Machined Aluminum Transmission Mounts for Axial SCX10 II (does not work with RTR)

-STA31387BK/GM/R/S CNC Machined Aluminum Servo Mounts for Axial SCX10 II, RTR

-STA31380FBK/GM/R/S CNC Machined Aluminum Heavy Duty Front Shock Tower (1pair) w/panhard link mount for Axial SCX10 II, RTR. 
CNC Machined Aluminum Heavy Duty Rear Shock Towers (1 pair) for Axial SCX10 II, RTR.

Visit STRC website for more details and other great SCX10II options parts and more.



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