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Axial Racing SC10 II UMG10 6X6 RTR

As soon as the first generation of SCX10s hit the market, creative builders were making 6X6 custom builds. If you wanted a jaw-dropping truck, adding a third axle was a sure way to get there. Fast forward to today and Axial has done all the handwork for you with its new SCX10 II UMG10 6X6 RTR.

This big rig rolls on 1.9 Axial MT45 military spec tires in its S30 compound. The MW19 beadlock wheels are loaded with scale details and are 3-piece plastic design. A spare is also included.


For steering, Axial includes a Spectrum S605 servo. It has plastic gears, but the servo horn is aluminum. It outs out 161 oz.-in. Of torque and is waterproof. The nylon gears might be a weak link, but are the most common on RTRs. The servo is also chassis mounted for realism. The speed control is a waterproof Dynamite AE-5L with drag brake. The motor is an Axial 35-turn brushed unit. On your end, you’ll be holding a 2.4GHz Spectrum STX2 transmitter.


Besides the extra axle, the drivetrain is standard SCX10 II equipment, which means you’re looking at a metal gear transmission and AR44 axles. If you’ve never “crawled underneath” a 6X6, a drive shaft exist the back of the “middle” axle and runs to the rear axle.

The Lexan body features molded extra details such as the grill, mirrors, snorkel, wipers and door handles. The body is also hinged at the rear for easy access. Axial also included for LED lights (two front and two red rear lights). You can easily add four more lights.

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