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Pro-Line 1977 Dodge Ramcharger Body

Pro-Line has expanded its already wide range of offerings to now include classic entry out of the Dodge camp. The Ramcharger is designed to fit scale rock crawlers set up with a 12.3 in. (313 mm) wheelbase and can be run topless. The top is actually a separate piece. The interior, passenger area and dash, are also included. That’s an unexpected bonus. However, as you would expect from Pro-Line, the .060 in. thick body is fully licensed and includes stickers, window masks and overspray film.

Recognizing how big 3D have become Pro-Line includes two files, one for the steering wheel and one for the roll bar, that you can print or have done online via a print shop such as Shapeways. Pro-Line states more files for scale parts are on the way. That’s pretty cool.



Learn more here.

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