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Traxxas Battery Charge Indicators

This generation doesn’t know how easy it has it. Make sure you read that in a “Get off my lawn” old curmudgeon voice. Back in the day we had to—gasp—use bread bag tabs on our batteries leads to indicate charged status. This system worked great until it didn’t and a tab fell off and you were left wondering if the battery was charged or not. Plus, bread tabs looked kind of hack. We;;, Traxxas has a slick answer for those that use their proprietary High-Current connectors.

Much like that case of Keystone Light sketchy Uncle Roy picks up every night, the battery charge indicators come in a 12 pack, but instead of a dozen watery bad decisions these plugs consist of four gray, four green and four blue indicators. As I hope you assumed, the green indicated fully charged and the gray is for discharged. The blue is for showing a LiPo is charged for storage (i.e. charged but not fully charged). Traxxas touts that using these plugs will also keep debris out out of your connectors during storage and transport. That’s certainly true, but the real benefit is knowing you’re putting a fully-charged pack in your rig when it’s time to race.

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