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Traxxas TRX-6 Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6

If you need to tackle any terrain and do so in some serious style, a 6-wheel-drive G Wagon is for you. But, if your budget, however, isn’t quite where it needs to be for a vehicle that can run a million dollars, you might want to check out Traxxas’ latest release. The 1/10-scale version is a new rendition of the TRX-4, so just like the real deal, it features portal axles. And, just like the rather extravagant full-size truck, all six differentials are lockable. Traxxas also retains the high/low selectable transmission. And, because it’s 6WD, it’s a TRX-6, not a TRX-4.

The metal chassis rails are one piece, as opposed to using an extension. Traxxas uses 1.5 mm thick material, so it should as durable as you need.

For tires, the Traxxas 6×6 uses 2.2 wheels with S1-compound of tires. The combination of 2.2 tires and portal axles means gobs of ground clearance.


The fact that the TRX-4 platform allows for remotely locking and unlocking of the differentials, and the 6×6 is equipped as such, means this rig will actually work as 6×6—meaning it will actually turn when needed. This is a big point of difference. Tight turns with a fully-locked 4×4 are hard enough. Tight turns with a fully-locked 6×6 simply don’t exist. Being able to unlock the diffs is a huge advantage.


The Lexan body is loaded with details thanks to chrome parts and molded parts. LED lighting is also included.

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