DE Racing Short Course Oval Tires

Short course trucks like the Traxxas Slash are getting used for a lot more than club racing and backyard bashing, these days. It reminds me of the golden era of RC when we were converting Tamiya Hornets into stock hot rods, Associated RC10s into sprint cars and making other sometimes wacky creations. It seems like back in the day, there was a lot more creativity and DIY solutions. Granted, it was mostly out of necessity. These days if you want a rock crawler, desert racer or drift car, you just go buy one. But, even with a much better variety of offerings out there, enthusiast are undeniably getting back into the transformations. The previously mentioned and still wildly popular Traxxas Slash might be used for drag racing, road racing, carpet racing and even dirt oval. Delivering what people want, DE Racing has a wide variety of dirt oval tires for short course wheels (2.2./3.0). It’s G6T line up comes in three compounds–clay, D30 (super soft) and D40 (soft). They also offer grooved versions in D30 and D40. DE Racing also has you covered when it comes to wheels for a huge variety of short course trucks.

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