Pro-Line Trencher HP 3.8″ Belted Tires

Pizza cutters are for pizza. You know when you grab the trigger and a tire or two balloons up and then gets all stretched out thin if you stay in the gas? That’s a pizza cutter, and while it may look cool as all that power gets unleashed, it’s not really a good thing. It’s a problem we mostly just live with, but now Pro-Line has a solution–belted tires. These tires are perfect for overpowered monster trucks such as the Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 and similarly-sized trucks. The internal belt will help prevent the tire from stretching and losing its shape under power. This means traction and handling should be greatly improved.

Molded in Pro-Line’s M2 compound, the tires are 6.7 in. tall and 4.15 in. wide. They fir 3.8 in. wheels, but these are pre-mounted on Pro-Line’s new Raid Removable Hex Wheels.

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