Castle Creations B-Link Bluetooth Adapter

When I first got in RC, we used 3-speed mechanical speed controls. They were awful. Fast forward to today and we have highly adjustable digital speed controls or ESCs. Compared to what I started the hobby with, they are amazing. Even going with just the default settings, today’s ESCs offer huge performance advantages, but to really unlock their full potential you need to start tuning them to your specific application. Castle Creations’ B-Link Bluetooth Adapter makes tuning Castle Creations speed controls and BEC 2.0 and BEC Pro easy. The B-Link, when combined with the free Castle Link app, allows your iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad to program your Castle Creations ESC.

One of the cooler features is once the Castle Link is downloaded, it doesn’t require a data connection. So, if you’re out rock crawling in a remote area and want to dial in more drag brake, no worries, it works off Bluetooth.

Learn more here.

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