SMC Precision LiPo Alarm

Over discharging a LiPo can not only ruin the battery, but it can also cause safety issues. While it would seem low voltage cutoff built into speed controls would solve the problem and be best for the battery, it unfortunately isn’t always that simple. The battery experts at SMC (Superior Matching Concepts) noticed something was off with low-voltage cut-off and alarms. Voltage drop while under heavy acceleration wasn’t being accounted for. As you get towards the end of a run, a heavy load (big tires, lots of trigger) placed on the battery can briefly drop the voltage below the cutoff voltage and shut the speed control down or trigger the alarm, if equipped. The problem is the battery isn’t really at the set, desired voltage. After many months of testing and development, SMC came up with the Precision LiPo Alarm that incorporates a delay. The end result is your batteries are safe, but are also being allowed to run to reach the desired cutoff voltage.

According to SMC, their alarm is more precise because it measures voltage at the cells (via the balance connector). This eliminates the voltage drop encountered in the battery connector(s) and power wires.

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