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Kyosho Outlaw Rampage Pro

Built for fun, backyard-style bashing, the Kyosho Outlaw Rampage Pro is a 2WD trophy truck that comes almost ready to run (ARR)–just add your electronics. And, while it is a basher, it is also very scale. With it’s ’70s-era body, realistic cage and bumpers and spare tires, it looks like the real deal.

The chassis setup is similar to what most of the solid axle/independent front suspension rigs use. It’s basically a tub for the battery and electronics with a rear cage, long 4-link rear suspension and a narrow front nose.

This desert racer is 2WD and features a motor-on-axle setup. This is often called MOA and means the motor is mounted directly to the axle housing as opposed to on the chassis and connected via a driveshaft. While this might seem like a step back in technology, it will be interesting to see if this cures two common problems that plague solid rear axle trophy and short course trucks–nose diving off jumps and unloading of the inside tire during cornering. While initially surprised to see a MOA setup, it might work better. A 4-link rear suspension is used.

And, what the rear end might give up in scale realism with the MOA, the front end more than makes up for. The nose is extremely narrow and features long a-arms. Both the front and rear suspensions feature sway bars. Three different thickness sway bars are included for each end.

Helping the truck live up to its Pro designation, the steering system rides on six ball bearings and the shocks are hard-anodized aluminum with titanium-coated shafts.

The ’70s-era body features bulged trophy truck style fenders and comes clear. Two different grill styles are included and the headlights are LED compatible.

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